Shao Huaqian: Wu Qian was injured Ji Mengnian: No matter what Guo Ailun is, he will not fail to make the big list –

Shao Huaqian: Wu Qian was hurt Ji Mengnian: Guo Ailun will not be able to enter the grand list no matter what

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Earlier, according to media person @球环赵探长, Guo Ailun and Wu Qian missed the 18-man training list of the Chinese men’s basketball team, but this does not mean that they will not be able to enter the official final 12 – men’s squad for the World Cup.

Sports Weekly” reporter Shao Huaqian spoke with Ji Mengnian on the radio today.

Shao Huaqian: Who is not in (the national team training squad), you can say.

Ji Mengnian: Wu Qian.

Shao Huaqian:Wu Qian is injured, his ribs are broken, even if he can enter, he will not be able to enter, you can’t let people play games with injured ribs. Therefore, it is understandable that Wu Qian did not enter the list of 18 people.This list is divided into two parts, one is the main list of 18 people, and the other is the waiting list of 6 people.. The Chinese Basketball Association asked these six people to prepare, or apply for their passports, in case, for example, if there is an injury problem, they can switch to another group of people. The list of 18 people that came out first was a bit unexpected. Who you said was not included in the list.

Ji Mengnian: Shao Huaqian revealed that Guo Ailun was not on this list.

Shao Huaqian: It cannot be said that Brother Lun was not included in the list of 18 people.If it is a local coach, if Du Feng is there, there is no doubt that Guo Ailun must be a member of the 18-man squad. We have seen Guo Ailun’s performance, how many times do you need it. However, Qiao Shuai has not watched many Chinese men’s basketball games. He may have watched a few videos of Guo Ailun’s game, and then Qiao Shuai may have watched some games of the Liaoning team in the third stage and playoffs.If you look at the performance in the playoffs and say that Guo Ailun has not reached the level of a national player, Qiao Shuai may not be surprised to see him like this, after all (Guo Ailun) is injured.

Ji Mengnian: Indeed, but I was surprised,I don’t think Guo Ailun can’t reach this big list.. Perhaps Qiao Shuai has his own ideas and standards when selecting candidates. It is true that Guo Ailun’s performance was not very satisfactory after he came to China. Or, Qiao Shuai may also exist because of Guo Ailun’s flaws or inconsistent style.



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