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Last updated:03/12/2022

Flowers revive those who see them. Although flowers can be put in glass bottles You can use empty boxes and small cups, but having a vase or two will make you want to add flowers more often. Let’s learn how to choose a vase and how to arrange flowers to look chic and refreshing, following the advice of a Japanese flower arranging teacher.

1. Narrow mouth vase, wide base

The wide bottom, narrow mouth vase stabilizes the center of gravity when placing flowers. Suitable for arranging just one or two flowers to create a stylish flower vase. Suitable for flower arranging beginners.

2. A glass vase

How to choose a vase

The elegance of the glass is its transparency, which does not interfere with the natural beauty of the flower. A cylindrical glass vase with a height of around 20 centimeters and a mouth diameter of around 10 centimeters will create a simple classic beauty. For those starting to arrange flowers The advantages of using glass vases are The water in the vase can be changed when it appears cloudy, which will extend the life of the flowers.

3. A vase that can decorate the house

How to choose a vase

Choosing a stylish vase without flowers is another option to enjoy the interior in style. And it can give flowers to add liveliness at any time

Two Rules Of Flower Arrangement That Make Flowers Look More Beautiful

There are a few rules for flower arrangements so that flowers can be easily integrated into everyday life in a modern way:

1. Appropriate proportion to the height of flowers and vases.

How to choose a vase

The ratio of the height of the flowers above the mouth of the vase to the vase is 1:1, so there is a balance between the flowers and the vase. It’s a simple way to choose a vase for flower arrangements. Once you get used to the stylish arrangement, you can change the ratio of the height of the flowers above the top of the vase to the vase to 2:1.

2. Divide the flowers into smaller vases.

After holding the flowers for several days and carefully cutting the ends of the stems to extend the life of the flowers. Flower stems will be shortened. In this case, place the flowers in a smaller vase of the same material. Or simply cut the flowers and float them in glassware or a dish filled with water.

There is no definitive answer if we are happy to enjoy arranging flowers in beautiful vases. Choosing a vase that is easy to use makes you want to buy flowers to put in a vase and maintain their beauty for a long time. If you still don’t know how to start arranging flowers to create freshness and happiness in your mind. Try using the methods mentioned above.

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