sharjah police, girl reported missing from her home in sharjah

United Arab Emirates: The women’s abduction campaign finally took a major turn. The incident happened in Sharjah the other day. The police found the girl after hours of searching. The incident surrounded the police and the people many times. The investigation revealed that the girl left the house alone after a fight in the house.

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But her photo went viral on social media, leading people to think that the girl had been kidnapped. After an investigation, it was found that the girl had left the house voluntarily. A special investigation team has been formed to find the missing girl. Colonel Omar Ahmed Bu Al Saud, Director of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Sharjah Police, accepted the matter for this.

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The girl left the house after a fight in the house. While investigating, the police realized that the girl had left the house of her own free will. But there were rumors that the girl had been beaten. Colonel Omar Ahmed Bu Al Saud said that such false things should not be spread. Do not conduct such campaigns in a way that causes public concern. Police have not released any further information about the girl. The police found the girl safe and brought her home.

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