“Shark Chon” joins Gamba Osaka to develop football in all dimensions.

with Mr. Tadashi Ono, President of Osaka Gamba Club, Mr. Masahiro Wada, General Manager of Gamba Club Osaka, and Mr. Hidekazu Sasaki, Vice President of the Company. Panasonic Sports

together with Khun Witthaya Khun Pluem, President of Chonburi Football Club, Khun Witthaya Laohakul, President of Technical Development, FC Chonburi Club and Khun Jeerasak Jomthong, Marketing and Media Director, FC Chonburi Club, represented by both 2 clubs at the signing ceremony this contract

Mr. Tadashi Ono, president of Gamba Osaka, said that we, Gamba Osaka, are very proud to announce our partnership with Chonburi FC.

According to the policy, the sports brand that offers the best experience of Japan It is not limited to Japan only. But we look forward to the opportunity to extend the policy to other regions as well.

through which we are honored To work with a club that has a long history like Chonburi FC which aims to promote the club to an international team as well, Khun Witthaya Laohakun or “Coach Heng”, president of the Technical Development Club, Chonburi FC, who is recognized among football coaches who once played and coached of us in the era of the Matsushita Club (Before changing the name to Gamba Osaka is not today) by “Coach Heng” is accepted on the field in lonely and training circles in Japanese football alone is also praised for developing youth players, stretching and promoting to develop into many Thai national football players

In addition, in 2014, “Masahiro Wada”, our current club director. I also had experience of supervising the CPD Chonburi team as a team manager. And left impressive results in that season Both in the Football League and the Football Cup (Chonburi FC under the Wada team won 2 “second best doubles” that year).

Since the first league championship in 2007, Chonburi FC football club has maintained the standard. and it is one of the best clubs in the country that is always accepted And the important uniqueness is that most of the players come from their own academy. Which is currently similar to our Gamba Osaka which is at the heart of the player. growing from the club’s Academy as well

“We really hope that it has been signed by both sides this time. It will help support the development of football for both clubs to move forward together consistently.

“In the coming summer We are having a plan discussion. about the possibility of organizing a football camp for youth teams This will be the first and important step of the relationship that will take place between the two clubs, Gamba Osaka and Chonburi FC from now on.

On the side of Khun Wittaya Khun Pluem, the president of the Chonburi FC club, said that we are very honored on behalf of the Chonburi FC club. After becoming a joint partner of Gamba Osaka, one of the leading clubs in Japan. which has a long history and story connected to our CPD Chonburi without the knowledge of both of us

In addition to the unique blue of the two teams, the landscape is an important port city in Thailand-Japan. In football, both teams are teams with core philosophies of building youth and nurturing them to develop into big teams. He is the main player of both teams.

This has proven that this approach, although not impressively successful as a step forward, is a sustainable and successful direction. Through the main domestic league championship and other champions Many more both clubs have won (Gamba Osaka: J-League Champion 2005, 2014, Chonburi FC: Thai League Champion 2007)

Signing as an alliance of Gamba Osaka and Chonburi FC this time, in addition to the cooperation of the first team. Public relations for Thai-J League football through tourism, marketing that creates a more connected football fan base between the two football teams, and the important part that will fully benefit is the structure of the youth system and football personnel. That will support information exchange in modern Japanese-Thailand football as an important foundation moving forward together with Gamba Osaka and Chonburi FC in agreeing to form this league.

In the past, Coach Heng Witthaya Laohakul-Masahiro Wada, who worked together in football at Gamba Osaka in 1896-1987 (when using the team name Matsushita) and also worked with the team With ‘each other again at Chonburi FC in 2014, they are 2 people who play an important role in connecting the relationship of the 2 clubs until it develops into a football league this time. In the future, we may have a relationship through the exchange of player representatives from both clubs, be it the first team – the youth team. or other personnel that will happen through this collaboration much more

O Adul Laso (2008 Tottori), Sittichok Phaso (2017 Kagoshima, 2021/22 Ryukyu), the hope that we will see our youth from our Chonburi FC Academy step up to play football in the Japanese league arena again A’ this time in the color of the Gamba Osaka shirts, there are more possibilities in the near future.

Where the meeting of the two this time is not actually the first time, in the past, the two teams were related through competitions on the continental stage. Our memory with Gamba Osaka, the first time, was a wonderful meeting. After winning the Thai League title in 2007, we represented the country in the 2008 AFC Champions League and played our first Asian football match in Osaka against Gamba under Akira Nishino. The team at that time and Chonburi took the first point in the history of the club back out. which is even Chonburi The path will only end in the group stages, but this year Gamba Osaka has a great form until it reaches the finals. and won the Asian Club Championship that year the reunion this time It is believed to be a good vision for both teams as in the past.

From now on, we are about to start a new history with Gamba Osaka and are ready to improve our relationship to continue to grow together sustainably in the future.

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