“Sharks invade the cat wave!” Pan BNK48 emerges from Cat Radio TV season 2

[NEWS] “Sharks invade the cat wave!” Pan BNK48 emerges from Cat Radio TV season 2

The cat family is back. For a good trending drama/series ‘CatRadioTV’ season 2 that will continue to tell the story of the radio people. Starring actors from the previous season such as Kong Saharat with the role of CEO Jong, Pat Chayanit with the role of a young producer, Ad Awat with the new creative role. along with Cherprang BNK48 in the role of Nong Song

which this comeback Nong Song doesn’t come alone. Bring a white shark friend like Pan BNK48 to join in the jam in this story as well. By the problem, appeared in the trailer of the series at the end of about 1 second, making a short voice saying “Ha!” officially launched the membership of this season’s cat family.

Photo from Cat Radio

Photo from Cat Radio

on the side of the song There is also a promotional image for the series in an elegant look that looks like the company’s president (or ah) and in the teaser still gives bright. Cute in a little song style!

Photo from Cat Radio

by Cat Radio TV Season 2 will be broadcast on February 12 at 10:55 PM. on Channel 3HD. Full of love, happiness, chill, because of music and warm stories from radio waves. This cat family receives Valentine’s Day. of the year 2022

Let’s see if Nong Song will be the president of the company..No! Nong Song and the shark are together and how busy will it be? What role will Pan come in? Or is it a new intern? Let the song become a song Let’s come to win and wait to see 2 captains together~

Watch a preview of the Cat Radio TV SS2 here.



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