Sharks smashed Ratchaburi, Uam-Coach Ong Seng, BG, blind feet, divided points, Prachuap

“Shark Chon” Chonburi FC hot form opens the house, Ratchaburi Mitr Phol 3-0 goals, while the “old champion” BG Pathum still calls for a form that doesn’t return, always leaving PT Prachuap with a 0-0 goal in the Thai football battle. League season 2021-22 on Sunday night, 28 Nov.

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The last game of the first leg At the Chon Buri Stadium, Chonburi, the host received a visit to “Dragon King” Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC in this game, “Coach Tia” collects Prasert, the home team manager who just got eliminated from the Chang FA Cup in the middle of the week, decided to rest Worachit. Kanitsri Bamphen Midfielder with a Thai national team degree, but there are also Yoo Byung-soo, Guidi Kanyuk, Dennis Murillo as hopes in the offensive line.

As for “Coach Jeab” Somchai Maiwilai, the head coach of the visiting team, has just been eliminated from the Chang FA Cup as well. This game is full. Due to the past statistics that have never invaded to win the Chon Sharks at all, they hope to rely on Sanwat Dechmit, Sitthichok Kannoo, Stephen Longil, Darley as the main offensive line. Three goals in a row from Yoo Byung Su shot into Chonburi to lead 1-0 minutes 28, then the second half, minutes 66, the shark added the score when Kritsada Kaman scooped the ball for Worachit Kanitsribamphen. The substitute who had just come down to flick the ball over his head, Kamphon Pathomunkul, the goalkeeper of the visiting team, flowed to 2-0.

Not only that, up to the 79th minute, the host continued to play the offensive game. Krisada Kaman gave the ball to Yoo Byung-soo, shot the chip, sent the ball to the bottom of the net, reinforcing the victory for Chonburi FC to beat Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC to be comfortable. 3-0 and it’s the second goal in this game.
End of the game, “Shark Chon” increased to 28 points, overtaking 3rd place, while “Dragon King” has 18 points, holding 11th place in the table.

As for the results of another pair, kicking at the same time, “Destroyer” PT Prachuap FC, the 15th team with 10 points from 14 matches, opens the house to “The Rabbit” BG Pathum United, the former champion who is ranked 3rd with 26 Points from 14 games at Sam Ao Stadium, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, complete 90 minutes without a single score. Scored 0-0

In this game, “Coach Jar” Dusit Chalermsaen, in charge of the Kaew Kaew army, did not win a third match in a row, resulting in “The Rabbit” winning only one game from the last 5 games in the league with 27 points, dropping to 5. while “Destroyer” has increased to 11 points, ranked 15th in the table


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