Shashank is not sorry for forcing him to reveal everything to the police


Shashank is not sorry for forcing him to reveal everything to the police

Shashankan in Roshak will never be forgotten by anyone who has seen the film. Kottayam Nazir gave a stunning performance as Shashankan.

After the OTT release, Shashankan is also being discussed along with Luke Anthony, Dileep, Seetha and Sujatha. With characters standing in the gray area, Shashankan goes through complex thinking in Roshak.

At no point does Shashankan resort to such drastic measures while other characters in the film indulge in heinous crimes deliberately and for their own purposes. And he gets very upset when he unexpectedly has to join some such activities.

Shashankan is the only character in the film who feels guilty. Having to watch the actions of his relatives without any voice, he finally does what he feels is right.

Shashankan, who wants to get some financial benefits, but tries to stop many people many times. But due to the nature of not being able to say anything against anyone, he is helpless and unable to do anything.

Shashankan is the character who is most attached to the audience and who goes through the same shock as the audience at every stage of the film. He is the one who asks through the dialogue what the audience feels when celebrating the joy of closing Dileep’s company with a stew.

At the end of the film, there is no reason behind Shashankan opening up to the police. Considering Shashankan’s character up to that point, this can be seen as reconciliation or repentance, but it is also due to his lust for life.

He saw that Sita had killed the police who came looking for her son in a few seconds. He did it because he knew about the incident and he was afraid that they might get rid of him one day.

More than anxiety and despair, fear spreads across his face as he looks at Sita after being shown to the place where the body was buried by the police. He also has a lot of fear of Luke Antony, but Sita makes Shashanka tremble.

Shashankan says his wife’s family doesn’t like him in the beginning. From here till the end, Kottayam Nazir is full of screen presence in the film.

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