She earns that much on the side

Left-wing MP Sahra Wagenknecht earned almost 800,000 euros during this legislative period. Most of it comes from one place.

She should be one of the top earners in the Bundestag: In the current legislative period, Sahra Wagenknecht earned almost 800,000 euros in addition to her diet. This is shown by data that the Bundestag has now published on the left-wing politician’s MPs page. Most of it comes from one place.

According to the information, Wagenknecht received more than 720,000 euros from Campus Verlag, in which her book “The Self-Righteous” was published in 2021. Her journalistic activities make up the lion’s share: in addition to the royalties for her book, she also earned a further 15,000 euros, including with columns for “Focus Online”.

Wagenknecht has also earned more than 55,000 euros since 2021 with lectures. Six of them, five of them in Switzerland, are listed in their MP profile.

Mask affair made for stricter rules

Last June, the Bundestag published stricter transparency rules in response to the so-called mask affair. Members of the Bundestag now have to publish their additional income down to the cent and thus much more precisely than before. In addition, additional income from as little as 1,000 euros per month or 3,000 euros per year must be reported to the President of the Bundestag. Before that, the annual limit was 10,000 euros.

MEPs are now no longer allowed to accept monetary donations or engage in paid lobbying activities. The information should be available on every MP page by Easter 2023.


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