Shell Hong Kong sets up 300kW electric vehicle overspeed charging station, which can be charged in 15 minutes

China Hong Kong City Shell Recharge Fast Charging Station

Shell, as a fuel company, has recently stepped on the line, partnering with a local start-up company Halo Energy in Hong Kong to add electric vehicle charging facilities one after another. Since the opening of Hong Kong’s first Shell Recharge charging station at Yat Fung Plaza in Fanling in December last year, the two companies have recently joined hands with Sino Group to set up a 300kW super-speed universal charging device in China Hong Kong City, Tsim Sha Tsui, which can charge electric power within 15 minutes at the fastest. The car is fully charged, and it has become the fastest charging station compatible with multiple electric vehicle brands (“universal”) in Hong Kong.

The Shell Recharge charging station in China Hong Kong City has a total of 4 high-speed charging bays, two of which have a charging speed of 60-120kW (“Super Fast”). to 80%, and the new electric vehicle can be charged in as fast as 25 minutes.

Shell Recharge Fast Charging Station

Shell Recharge Fast Charging Station

The other group of 120-300kW (“Ultra Fast”) is of course the highlight of this charging station, and it is possible to fully utilize the charging performance with the specified car models. The outgoing Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car was borrowed on site, and hit speeds in excess of 220kW in a charging demo. Martin Tsang, founder and CEO of Xilu Energy, said that this is the first time he has witnessed the charging performance of this new car. He also pointed out that a 15-minute overcharge can provide a driving distance of about 200 kilometers for many new electric vehicles, which is enough From China Hong Kong City to and from the airport three times.

Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge

Payment and activation are handled through the Shell Recharge mobile app. After parking and plugging in the charger, first scan the QR code of the charger, and then select the charging time. After successful payment, you can track the charging status of the electric vehicle in real time.

Xilu Energy Medium Speed ​​Charging Station

Zeng Weihua, founder and CEO of Xilu Energy, introduced the medium-speed charging equipment established by the company.

Although charging is faster and more convenient, Zeng Weihua said that from the perspective of infrastructure, medium-speed charging equipment is more important. At the same time, China Hong Kong City has added 40 medium-speed charging equipment provided by Cero Energy, together with 4 fast-charging parking spaces, “will become the parking lot with the most electric vehicle charging equipment in Tsim Sha Tsui” (original only has a total of 11 charging parking spaces). Anyway, the bus owners are not in a hurry, nor do they have to rush to remove the car after charging; on the other hand, real estate developers can serve more electric vehicles with relatively lower electricity.

In addition, Zeng Weihua added that the power supply load management system of Xero Energy can double the number of charging equipment according to the use demand of the building, and at the same time distribute electricity efficiently. Taking a current of 125A as an example, Hiro Energy can set 40 charging parking spaces for 12 office buildings, while residential buildings—that is, most of them only need to be charged slowly overnight—can be set to about 60 charging parking spaces.

electric car

electric car

Cai Bilin, director of Sino Group Asset Management, said the company aims to significantly increase the number of electric vehicle chargers in its properties across Hong Kong by 67% to more than 1,400 within this year. Yu Jingwen, managing director of Shell Hong Kong Limited, also pointed out that she will continue to cooperate with Sino to reduce carbon emissions and open more Shell Recharge charging stations in the latter’s properties.

Shell’s short-term goal is to provide more than 300 Shell Recharge charging points across Hong Kong, which will include the Shell Airport (cargo center) fuel station that will open in the second quarter of this year and can simultaneously refuel traditional vehicles and charge electric vehicles. Xilu Energy will continue to work with Shell to set up more fast charging equipment, while providing medium-speed charging equipment to other partners.

Shell Recharge charging station opening ceremony

Dr. Chung Wai-keung, JP, Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology (second from right), Ms. Yu Jingwen, Managing Director of Shell Hong Kong Limited (second from left), Ms. Cai Bilin, Director of Sino Group Asset Management (first from right), and founder and CEO of Xero Energy, Tsang Wai-wah (left). 1) Presided over the opening ceremony of the Shell Recharge charging station in China Hong Kong City.

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