Shenhua’s Core Players Recover from Injury, Return for Yangtze River Delta Derby

Shenhua’s Key Players Set to Return from Injury for Yangtze River Delta Derby

Beijing, July 7 – In the upcoming round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Shenhua will face off against Zhejiang away from home. Ahead of the match, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui delivered some positive news, confirming that Wu Xi and Yan Xinli are nearing their return from injury, which is expected to greatly bolster the team.

Reflecting on the previous loss, Wu Jingui stated, “We were disappointed with the result of our last game. However, we wasted no time in regrouping and focusing on recovery. Tomorrow, our opponents have made significant changes and have become a stronger force. Nevertheless, we will give our all to perform well in this match.”

When asked about the potential participation of Wu Xi and Yan Xinli in tomorrow’s game, Wu Jingui responded, “The return of some of our injured players in recent times is excellent news for us. The coaching staff will carefully consider each player’s physical condition and well-being when making decisions regarding their participation. Having these players back will undoubtedly enhance our offensive capabilities.”

Addressing the previous defeat, Wu Jingui stated, “While we played well in the last game, football matches can be unpredictable. The outcome often relies on luck. While the focus is often on the result, I believe it is crucial to acknowledge the game process. Nonetheless, we strive to regain our previous strong position.”

Goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong Expresses Preparedness

Accompanying Wu Jingui at the press conference, goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong shared his thoughts on the upcoming match, saying, “The Zhejiang team has made significant adjustments and strengthened their squad. However, our team is fully prepared and ready to give our best performance. Let’s deliver an extraordinary game for our fans.”

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Original title: Wu Jingui confirmed that Shenhua’s core will recover from injury and return to the Yangtze River Delta Derby to welcome good news

On the evening of July 7, Beijing time, in the 15th round of the Chinese Super League, Shanghai Shenhua will play away against Zhejiang. In the pre-match press conference, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui revealed that Wu Xi and Yan Xinli about to return from injury. It was very helpful.”

Wu Jingui said: “It’s a shame that we experienced a loss in the last game. After the game, we gathered in time and actively recovered. Tomorrow Zhejiang’s opponent team has undergone a series of adjustments recently, and its strength has increased significantly However, I have to do my best to play this game well.”

A reporter asked, Wu Xi and Yan Xinli participate in team training, they will have a chance to play in the game tomorrow?

In this regard, Wu Jingui said: “The recent return of some of the team’s injured players is good news for us. The coaching staff will make reasonable personnel appearance arrangements based on the physical conditions of each player and from the perspective of the players’ health. .I think getting these players back will really help our goal offensively.”

Regarding the loss in the last game, Wu Jingui said: “Although we played well in the last game, sometimes football games are like this. The decision to win or lose requires some luck. People often pay more attention to the results of the game, I may ignore the game process, but I still hope to return to the previous good position.”

Goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong, who followed Wu Jingui to attend the press conference, talked about his preparations, “The Zhejiang team made further adjustments and strengthened personnel in Xia Chuang, and our whole team is 100% ready on for battle. Let’s dedicate a great game to the fans.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li) Return to Sohu to see more


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