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Shenyang releases “List of Opportunities” to the world to sign 152 major projects centralized cloud contract

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Original title: Shenyang releases “Opportunities List” to the world, 152 major projects centralized cloud signing

The Shenyang City Opportunity Scenario List Conference and Key Project Cloud Signing Ceremony was held on the 23rd. At the meeting, Shenyang released the “Shenyang City Opportunity Scenario List” (hereinafter referred to as the “Opportunity List”) to the world, providing 1053 scenario cooperation projects, releasing 1.1 trillion yuan of investment opportunities (RMB, the same below), and 152 major projects in a centralized cloud Sign up.

The theme of this conference is “Meeting Scenes·Foreseeing the Future”, highlighting new scenes, accelerating the evolution of traditional industries, and shaping a new city image. It is the country’s first scene-demand project ranking and ability companies unveiling the list to compete in the same field. It is also an important innovation for Shenyang to explore “scene camp city” to release development opportunities and promote “project exit” to create “the first city in northeast scene” urban brand Initiative.

Li Songlin, deputy mayor of the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, released the “Opportunities List” and recommended 30 heavy-duty scenarios. The “List of Opportunities” focuses on anchoring eight major city visions, including the construction of “one hub and four centers”, the construction of an international consumption center city, the construction of a livable and industrial high-quality city, and the construction of a digital twin smart city, covering smart manufacturing, digital credit creation, and wisdom 36 scene types including urban areas, smart travel, aerospace technology, smart healthcare, smart factories, new retail, new landmarks, etc., provide 1053 scene cooperation projects, unlocking investment opportunities of 1.1 trillion yuan.

The “Opportunity List” has detailed content, precise positioning, and strong operability. Intentional companies can fully understand Shenyang’s future development positioning, project cooperation intentions, specific needs of the scene, project stewards, corporate contacts and other core information through the content of the list.

At the same time, this event has a main venue and 152 cloud sub-venues, which are simultaneously broadcast live to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. On the same day, a total of 152 major projects were signed for centralized cloud, with a total project investment of 129.53 billion yuan. From the perspective of project size, there are 3 projects with more than 10 billion yuan, 3 projects with 5 billion to 10 billion yuan, and 26 projects with 1 billion to 5 billion yuan. From the perspective of funding sources, there are 70 projects from developed regions at home and abroad. Projects, accounting for 46.1%, including 62 projects in foreign countries, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, and Pearl River Delta, accounting for 41%.

According to reports, the next step of Shenyang City will be based on “scene opening”, build a new ecology with new scenes, cultivate a new ecology with new governance, attract and cultivate “new brand” enterprises, empower the smart upgrade of city operation, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry. Continue to optimize the business environment, improve the quality of the city, and create a city brand suitable for the development of the new economy.

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