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Shim Kwon-ho, the shock of the legend “I got bad stamina due to alcohol”

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Former wrestler Shim Kwon-ho (49) showed a pitiful appearance.
The current situation of Shim Kwon-ho was revealed in the MBN current affairs program ‘Field Report Scoop World’, which was broadcast on the 28th. Shim Kwon-ho is a Taegeuk warrior who started his national team career in 1993 and won gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics (Greco-Roman type 48 kg class) and 2000 Sydney Olympics (Greco-Roman type 54 kg class). In particular, he is a person who has achieved the ‘Grand Slam’ twice by sweeping the world championships, Asian competitions, and Asian championships.
However, the appearance of Shim Kwon-ho that was revealed on this day was shocking. It was a visibly wrinkled look. In 2019, he abruptly left the JTBC Yene program ‘We must get together to get cold’ and was engulfed in rumors of health problems due to alcoholism, raising concerns.
Former track and field athlete Lim Chun-ae met with Shim Kwon-ho and expressed her concern, “People say that he had liver cirrhosis because he drank Shim Kwon-ho. Isn’t he drinking every day?” Shim said, “I’ve never been like that. . I really don’t drink alcohol while walking around. At one point, the rumor suddenly became strange.”
Shim Kwon-ho, who joined the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), which he belonged to during his active duty in 2010, is said to have been living since leaving the company two years ago. We thought about running a gym, but it was canceled due to COVID-19.
Lim Chun-ae said, “I’m getting older and I’m worried about not getting married and not having children,” and “I want you to take care of your health.” Shim Kwon-ho said, “I’m lonely,” and said, “I wake up in the morning and yearn for someone to be by my side. I want to start a family and go on a trip with the three of us,” he said.
He continued, “I drank some alcohol because I was alone. As a result, my physical strength became poor. I thought that this was not the case,” he said.
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