Shim Seok-hee, Korea Sports Association reconsideration request… Can’t participate in the Olympics

Final waiver of request for re-appeal by the Fair Trade Commission Confirmation of disciplinary action
There is a court injunction, but it seems to be missing from the entry

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▲ Shim Seok-hee
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As Shim Suk-hee (24, Seoul City Hall) withdrew from the Korean Sports Association’s Sports Fair Committee (Fair Commission) case, it seems that it will be difficult to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year.

According to the Korea Sports Council on the 30th, Shim Suk-hee did not submit an application for retrial until the 29th, the deadline for requesting a retrial by the Fair Trade Commission. Shim Seok-hee received a two-month suspension from the national team qualification for exchanging abusive language with fellow coach A during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Since the Beijing Olympics will start on February 4 next year, if disciplinary action is applied, Shim Suk-hee will not be able to participate in the Olympics. Shim Seok-hee’s representative said, “I gave up the request for a retrial, but I did not give up participating in the Beijing Olympics.” “We are considering various methods.”

The only way for Shim Suk-hee to participate in the Olympics while giving up the request for a retrial is to wait for the court ruling. This is a method in which Shim Suk-hee files an application for an injunction to suspend the effect and the court cites it. If the application for provisional injunction is cited, Shim Suk-hee can maintain the status of the representative player until the final judgment of the court on the disciplinary action is made.

However, winning the legal battle does not guarantee participation in the Olympics. This is because if you do not enter the final Olympic entries determined by the Performance Improvement Committee of the Korea Skating Federation, you will not be able to participate in the Olympics. The deadline to submit the final entries for the short track Olympic team is the 24th of next month. Shim Suk-hee, who was excluded from the national team list last October due to this controversy, did not perform adequate training, and did not participate in the World Cup competition for Olympic qualification, is unlikely to be included in the final Olympic team list.

By Park Jae-hong, staff reporter


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