Shimizu to win Pikachu! Is the contract cancellation fee paid 140 million yen in full? High annual salary is also available | Football Tribe Japan

Yago Pikachu Photo: Getty Images

It seems that Shimizu S-Pulse of the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League is almost certain to acquire Brazilian midfielder Yago Pikachu (30), who belongs to Fortaleza EC in the first division of Brazil. Brazilian media “Yahoo esportes” reported on the 5th.

Pikachu, who is 168 cm tall, transferred from Brazil’s second division Vasco da Gama to Fortaleza EC in March last year. He started in 33 of 38 league games last season and scored 7 goals and 5 assists, making him a regular player in the right half.

And this season, he started in 12 out of 15 league games so far. In addition to the league match, he is struggling as an indispensable force for the team, such as participating in almost all games in each competition including Copa Libertadores (South American Championship).

Meanwhile, Shimizu S-Pulse succeeded in pulling out Zé Ricardo from Brazil’s second division Vasco da Gama last month. While aiming to remain in J1 under the new system, it is rumored that it will be reinforced during the transfer period this summer.

In addition, Brazilian media “TORCEDORES” reported on the 18th of last month that Shimizu S-Pulse is heading for the acquisition of Caio Vidal, who belongs to SC Internacional, Brazil, and FW Ademir (27), who belongs to Atletico Minero, Brazil. However, at this point, it is considered difficult for both players to acquire.

Among them, “Yahoo esportes” reports that Shimizu S-Pulse is approaching the acquisition of Pikachu. According to this, Shimizu S-Pulse notified Fortaleza EC on the 4th of this month that it intends to pay the full contract cancellation fee of 1 million dollars (about 140 million yen).

Negotiations with the players are proceeding smoothly, and the monthly salary is expected to be more than double the 250,000 real (about 6.4 million yen) currently received by Fortaleza EC.

“Yahoo esportes sees Pikachu as an opportunity to change its financial position. At the age of 30, it may be the last big deal as a professional player.” Shows the view.

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