Shin Ethics Committee begins disciplinary process for Mayor Park Hee-young… Cheol-geun Kim denied retrial request

People’s Power The Central Ethics Committee decided to initiate disciplinary procedures against Park Hee-young, head of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, in connection with the Itaewon disaster.

The power of the people Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the Ethics Committee, said in a briefing after the general meeting of the Ethics Committee held at the National Assembly today (25th), “We have decided to initiate disciplinary procedures against a member of the Park party . Hee-young.”

Ethics Committee Chairman Lee explained, “We will review whether Parc y Maer breached the duty to maintain dignity by causing social controversy with inappropriate words and actions in relation to the Itaewon disaster.”

After the Itaewon disaster, Parc y Maer received criticism for saying, “(Halloween) is not a festival. If it is a festival, there is content and organizers of the event, but there is no content, and it should be considered a phenomenon that’ n gathering on Halloween day.”

They are also suspected of lying about their whereabouts on the day of the disaster.

Chairman Lee, however, said that the issue of negligence in the initial response to the Itaewon disaster was outside the authority of the Ethics Committee, and would not be discussed in this disciplinary process.

In addition, the Ethics Committee dismissed the request for a second trial by Kim Cheol-geun, the former head of the party’s political affairs office.

Former chief Kim was involved in the suspected destruction of evidence of sexual favors by former CEO Lee Joon-seok, and was punished for two years by suspension of party membership.

Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the Ethics Committee, explained, “The reason for not sending the police has nothing to do with the reason for the Ethics Committee’s decision.”

Lee, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, said, “In the police investigation result notice submitted by former chief Kim as a basis, it is written that there is no evidence that there is evidence such as CCTV videos of sexual entertainment, and that there is not enough evidence that Jang. Mo was asked to cover it up.” He added, “The disciplinary action of the Ethics Committee is that it was recognized that he wrote a certificate of promise to attract an investment worth 700 million won for Mr. I.

On the other hand, Ethics Committee Chairman Lee Yang-hee drew a line about the ‘report that the Ethics Committee will discuss whether to initiate additional disciplinary procedures for former CEO Lee Jun-seok today’ as an erroneous report, by said, “There was no agenda of his own.”

He emphasized, “I don’t know who dropped it intentionally, maliciously, or accidentally. It didn’t enter the agenda.”

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