Shin Tae-yong-ho, who dreams of miracles, will Indonesia overturn the ‘4-goal gap’ in the second game?

Shin Tae-yong-ho Indonesia, who lost to Thailand in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup final, which determines the strongest player in Southeast Asian football, will try to win the miraculous comeback in the second leg.

Indonesia, led by coach Shin Tae-yong, will play the second leg of the 2020 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Championship (Suzuki Cup) final against Thailand at the Kallang National Stadium in Singapore at 9:30 pm (Korean time) on January 1 next month.

Indonesia, which reached the final stage for the first time in five years after defeating host country Singapore in a bloody battle in the semifinals, lost 0-4 to Thailand in the first leg of the final held on the 29th.

Indonesia conceded the lead in the first two minutes of the game, but allowed three goals in the second half and collapsed without a goal.

Indonesia must win by more than 5 goals in the second leg of the final to win the miraculous comeback. That way you can win the trophy without overtime.

In the Suzuki Cup, which started in 1996 and celebrated its 13th this year, Indonesia reached the final five times and finished runners-up in all of them.

After taking the helm of Indonesia in December 2019, Shin took first place in the group stage and advanced to the final stage in the semi-final with Singapore.

However, in the first match against Thailand, which defeated Vietnam’s ‘Defending Champion’ Park Hang-Seo-Ho in the semifinals, they lost by a large score.

Indonesia has traditionally been weak against Thailand.

They lost 3 of the previous 5 runners-up to Thailand. In the 2000 final, they lost 1-4 to Thailand, and in the 2002 final they lost 2-4 on penalties.

In the 2016 tournament, Indonesia won the first leg 2-1 in the final, but lost the second leg 0-2 and was frustrated at the threshold of the championship.

Even in this tournament, he boasted the most goals with 18 goals in 6 matches before the final, but failed to score a single goal against the Thai defense.

After losing the first leg of the final, coach Shin said he would not give up hope of winning the comeback, saying, “The ball is round.”

Meanwhile, the Suzuki Cup, held every other year, was postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 outbreak last year, but was held in Singapore on the 5th of this month.



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