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Shin Yu-bin, who grew up despite Corona… Defeat 2 years ago

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In 2019, when I wore the first Taegeuk mark… 0-3 loss to Hong Kong player
U.S. Table Tennis World Championship Singles 1R in less than 30 minutes, 4-0 complete domination
Surprised opponent of rapid growth, even a disappointed expression… Win one more game and advance to the third round
The world’s strongest player, Chen Meng, can face off against each other

Shin Yu-bin (right) claps hands with Dae-sung Cho and encourages each other after scoring in the first round of the mixed doubles round of 64 at the World Championships held at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, USA on the 24th. Shin Yu-bin, who entered the world championship for the first time in her career, defeated the United States 3-0 in mixed doubles that day, and defeated Mini Su (Hong Kong) 4-0 in the singles round of 128, reporting two victories on the first day of the tournament. Provided by the Korea Table Tennis Association

There is one good way to see the growth of a player. It is to compare the results and contents of the rematch with the opponent in the past.

If you look at this method, you can see at a glance how terrifyingly Shin Yu-bin (17, Korean Air, 71st in the world rankings), a ‘table tennis prodigy’, has recently grown. Shin Yu-bin achieved a perfect victory over Min Su (23rd, Hong Kong, 34th), the bronze medalist in the team event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, who had lost her two years ago.

The two fighters met in the first round of the women’s singles at the World Championships held in Houston, USA on the 24th. Mini Su is a player who suffered a 0-3 defeat (9-11, 9-11, 9-11) in the team event at the 2019 Asian Championships in Indonesia, which was the first international competition Shin Yubin participated in wearing the Taegeuk mark.

This time, Shin Yu-bin, who was participating in the world championship for the first time in his life, was a very nervous opponent, but as the sets were repeated, he improved his skills and did not give up even a single set 4-0 (11-8, 11-7, 11-6, 11). -3) It ended in victory. The explosive power of the swing and the agile reaction speed from Shin Yu-bin’s physique, which has grown so much in two years, made Mini Su stick her tongue out throughout the game. At the end of the 4th set, Mini-Soo, who was driven to defense, burst out laughing and showed a loss of courage. It took less than 30 minutes to win. His ability to adapt to finding a way out by quickly judging the situation during the game shone. Shin Yu-bin, who conceded several times when receiving a mini-number of serve in the early part of the game, easily took the score by countering it with a strong backhand as soon as the opponent served at the end of the second set. Min-soo, who was nervous about this, entered three sets and made a serve mistake in a row.

Shin Yubin will face Sarah Denut (Luxembourg, 79th) on the 25th in the round of 64. If we win here, there is a great chance we will meet the world’s strongest Chen Meng (27, China).

In the first round of mixed doubles (round 64), Shin Yu-bin teamed up with Cho Dae-seong (19, Samsung Life Insurance) and defeated the American Nikki Kumar-Amy dynasty 3-0 (11-8, 11-3, 11-6).

The United States and China previously played two pairs of mixed doubles combined with the United States and China to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’. China’s Wang Manyu (World No. 4) teamed up with Kanak Zha of the United States (No. 31) and defeated Russia’s Vladimir Sidorenko (No. 178) and Maria Tylakova (No. 93) of Russia 3-0. Lily Zhang (USA, 35th) and Lin Gaoyuan (China, 7th) Zhao also confirmed their advance to the round of 32.

By Kang Dong-woong, staff reporter [email protected]

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