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by the best buddy buddy in the song law of attraction There will be a total of 4 people, 8 people. Let’s start with the first couple. That’s a young couple.Chris Pirawat and Lion Prachaya Where the two are the famous duo from the Boy Love series SOTUS S The Series from GMM in 2017 in the role of Athit and Kongpop, when they are together, the chemistry between the two is not cloudy. hey!!

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Kris Perawat : @kristtps

Lion Prachaya : @__singto

The next pair is a pair of two hot boys who are known all over the world. There are also interfans who often whistle and demand to work together again, that is, a young man. “Bright Wachirawit and Win Methawin” The beloved duo of many people, both famous and famous from the series Y. Because we are together 2gether The Series in 2020 with the roles of Inspector and Tine, it is called one pair that really creates a phenomenon 💓

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Bright Wachirawit : @bbrightvc

Win Methwin : @winmetawin

The next buddy pair is a pair of “Tae Tawan and New Thitipoom” It is one of the legendary couples who recently had a concert together. which is named POLCA THE JOURNEY 1st FAN MEETING IN THAILAND #PolcaTheJourney Which led to trending tweets and many other Poka fans were overjoyed. Tae New couple is known for their performance in boy love Dark Blue Kiss Last Kiss for you alone. Called as one of the couple that always has a cute moment to see.

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Tae Tawan : @tawan_v

New Thitipoom : @newwiee

and Buddy, the last pair of finnish couples, is a young man. “Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan” It’s called one of the pairs with a lot of chemistry. He’s a person with style and cute personality. Plus there is always a cute corner for fans to see. Both of them are famous and many people know from the most finicky boy love series like Theory of Love, the theory of flirting with her, that’s it ♥️

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Off Jumpon : @tumcial

Gun Atthaphan : @gun_atthaphan

in part Music Video Music Law of AttractionLet me tell you that I can’t!! Mood & Tone is used that focuses on white as a bright tone that looks very soothing. Enhance the bang by wearing different tones of the sky, whether it’s dark with stars, orange-pink sunset, sunny sky. Which personally like a lot, gives a very warm romantic feel, including in terms of the CG in the Mv is very good, blending perfectly, including all 8 boys play out naturally Let’s go freestyle. Let’s call it a song. The law of attraction is one of the most popular MV songs. Congratulations to Le 🏻

andThe costumes of the 8 boys in the song Law of Attraction. In the beginning, it will be a freestyle outfit that is the look and style of each person. But the most striking outfit and look is the all white All White 🤍 that all 8 have the same outfit. Which at the time of the launch was very goosebumps because all 8 people are soft, look gentle, screaming, very heartbroken, can’t resist >

How is it for Shining Song, the Law of Attraction, the warm and handsome MV of the best-loved duo from GMM? It can be said that it is one of the warmest and most romantic songs that have gathered all 8 couples together. Makes us secretly miss the moment and performance that led us to meet them. It is something that is very good for the heart 🏻 by friends can listen to music. The law of attraction can be obtained through YouTube : GMMTV RECORDSAnd finally, friends, don’t forget to support and follow all 8 boys ^^ #law of attraction#LOLFanFest2022#GMMTV

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Law of Attraction (LAW OF ATTRACTION) – Krist, Singto, Off, Gun, Tay, New, Bright, Win

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