SHINee’s Key Takes On Real-Life Parenting Challenges and Unexpected Adventures on ‘I Live Alone’

The Adorable Dog Parenting Adventures of SHINee’s Key

The delightful vacation of SHINee’s Key and his beloved Comme des a Garcons dogs has officially begun. However, amidst their leisurely walks, Key’s unexpected bursts of performance art and occasional lounging on a park bench have left fans questioning what exactly transpired.

A Pawsome Getaway with Comme des & Garcons

On the latest episode of MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ directed by Huh Hang, Kang Ji-hee, and Park Soo-bin, viewers were treated to glimpses of Key’s vacation with his four-legged companions, Comme des and Garcons. The adoring duo constantly showered their ‘ki-dad’ with affectionate growls and even placed a toy doll by his bedside to keep him company.

In a hilarious and heartwarming moment, Key humorously pleaded, “Can I lie down?” as he battled both laughter and exhaustion. Moving forward, Key decided to tackle his muscle pain head-on and bravely attempted to apply a patch to his aching back. With keen eyes observing his every move, fans eagerly anticipated the outcome and whether Key would triumph over his discomfort.

An Unforgettable Stroll Filled with Laughter

The episode also unveiled charming scenes of Key, Comde, and Garcon enjoying their leisurely walks. Key’s infectious energy appeared to animate his loyal companions, creating an amusing spectacle for bystanders. However, the comedic moments were not without their share of unexpected hiccups, as Key encountered a sudden emergency during one of their park visits.

In the published photos, the whimsical image of Key contorting his body in an impromptu act of performance art, and blissfully lying on a bench have captured the attention of fans. The sight of Key triumphing over hurdles on his own while Comme des a Garcons watched intently promises to leave viewers with beaming smiles.

A Refreshing Treat for Key

During his adventures, Key also indulged in a Watermelon Banana Smoothie for hydration and muscle pain relief. Curiosity piqued about the harmonious combination of sweet banana and refreshing watermelon, but upon his first sip, he proclaimed, “What is all this?”

Witness the endearing “real parenting” moments of Key, as his vacation unfolds on ‘I Live Alone’, airing at 11:10 pm on the 1st.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (

The real-life (?) raising of SHINee’s Key Comme des a Garcons dogs, who are on vacation, begins. Meanwhile, while walking his dogs, he is caught twisting his body out of nowhere to perform performance art (?) and lying down on a bench, raising questions about what the hell happened .

On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ (directed by Huh Hang, Kang Ji-hee, and Park Soo-bin), which airs on the 1st, Key is shown vacationing with her Comme des & Garcons gown .

Comme des growls and encourages ‘ki-dad’ who doesn’t get out of bed, and Garçon puts a toy doll by his bedside. The image of Key begging, “Can I lie down?”, causes laughter and pity at the same time.

Key, who got out of bed, complains of muscle pain and challenges himself to put a patch on his back. Lying on the couch and checking out the painful situation, Key is caught neatly applying the paste, and expectations are raised as to how he will use the paste and whether he will be able to succeed.

Key, Comdé, and Garcon’s walking scene will also be revealed. Falling in love with an energetic companion dog, Key, who seems to be taken for a walk without a soul (?), makes people laugh. Key, who has spent a lot of time on a walk with his leash stuck, faces an unexpected emergency in a park.

In the published photos, the image of Key turns his whole body suddenly as if he is performing an act art and the image of him lying down on a bench is also captured, drawing attention. The image of Key struggling alone in an unexpected situation and Comme des a Garcons watching him is expected to bring a big smile.

Key also completes the Watermelon Banana Smoothie for hydration and muscle pain relief. While curious about the harmony between sweet banana and watermelon, as soon as he tasted it, he said, “What is all this?”

Key’s ‘real parenting (?)’ scene, which started with the holidays, can be confirmed through ‘I Live Alone’, which airs at 11:10pm on the 1st.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (

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