shines on the party’s strategy Note Online Leverage to Fight Elections – Analysts’ Opinion

Note – The opinion of academics analyzing the case of different political parties turning to use social platforms to doPolicies, including campaigning to communicate with the public in the Member of Parliament elections in May

Assoc, Prof. Dr. Nanthana Nantawaropa
Dean of the Krirk University College of Political Communication

Nowadays, digital technology is an integral part of people’s lives. Or it can be called as the fifth factor, so it is also politically important. It is important in terms of being a tool in communicating policies to voters. referring to political parties using this technology to present their own message to the electorate, the important thing is to bring the technology to determine the campaign policy in previous elections There are sections where political parties have used technology to decide on their policies, such as in the case of the government. Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra who distributed tablets to students Or some political parties have proposed a policy to have high speed internet in every village. Therefore, it is very important in terms of delivering the message to the people. and the use of technology as policy

Communication in online channels these days can reach almost every group of people. Because access is not difficult, various devices have an affordable price. and the technology is not very complicated Therefore, this channel will reach almost every group of voters. But there will be a limited group, namely the elderly group. or baby boomers Or people over 60 because they are a group that comes before technology. so not familiar There are about 13 million people and another group that is halfway through online media exposure is Gen X has about 16 million people, which is a very large group between the ages of 43 and 58. All political parties that will use digital and online communication channels must consider the groups mentioned above. Will it be necessary to use other media to reach these groups as well

If the Thai Pheu Party introduces technology as a digital wallet policy, the use of technology will be sent through state support. According to the announcement, it involves using the coin within a radius of 4 kilometers and the purchase will be distributed in the community. This will make the economy circular and not derivative by any means. therefore bringing new technology into use because it limits the use of spreading But from the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party which uses ice cream clips to explain and criticized the traditional way of sending government aid to the people causing for the money not to go directly to the people Using popsicles to present would mean corruption in the process of sending aid through various people. Until it reaches the people, making the benefits that the people will actually receive get lost on the way

This clip is about to talk about what he did. Throughout the project, we traveled together. or half a project That’s what the current government is doing. So it’s not new. but the release of this clip did not mean to show that digital is a policy. But it will show that these policies belong to the Sang Thai Ruam Chart Party. not for Palang Pracharat I have to clear myself. So it’s not new. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Sang Thai Ruam Chart Party uses technology as a policy.

Political parties use technology as a communication tool. It shows that the political party has kept pace with the people. is that people can use these technologies Political parties can send messages through media that are open to the public. Thus, communication will reach the hands of the people and achieve their goals. is that people are aware of the party’s policies This is the use of technology as a means of communication.

If the technology is used as a policy to show the advanced and up-to-date technology Can bring technology to serve the people It will build people’s confidence that this party is modern and knows how to use technology for the benefit of the people. But the use of technology should not be advanced and unprecedented. Go back to the government’s pill distribution policy. Ms Yingluck in 2011 was considered a policy that came before its time. because at the time the internet did not cover the whole country And in some areas, electricity is still inaccessible. It was considered that distributing tablets at that time It is something that the people of the city will benefit from. But the rural people will get nothing. If it is issued now that the internet network is ready, it will be a policy that contains the latest information about the infrastructure. If it progresses too much, the people will not benefit from it. But if what goes out is too much and how far have other countries gone? Still unable to use those technologies at all. Political parties are out of date.

Using technology as a campaign policy and building the confidence of the people The use of technology can be divided into 2 ways: as a communication tool and as creating policy. If technology is used in communication and people in that group have access to that communication technology, such as posts of political parties, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Line, which people can access makes people aware of the policy and achieving the goals of political parties But if a political party uses the club to communicate and people don’t have an iPhone it won’t reach Consider using technology that doesn’t match the audience.

Regarding the adoption of technology as a policy If it can be used, it can be very useful and it can actually be done. People can see the benefits. There will be real benefits, for example, Taiwan created an application to track people infected with COVID-19. Where are you traveling? In order to make people avoid being infected with COVID-19, political parties must therefore propose policies that are practical and should not be premature, that is, propose policies that are too advanced. If the public can’t get access In the end it was useless.

Sawet Wienthong
Lecturer in political science and administration
Faculty of Social Sciences Mahamakut Buddhist University (MR.), Lanna Campus

It is in line with the period that political parties have to adapt to the current situation. Society has switched more communication from analogue to digital. especially online platforms that are evolving all the time impacting more on lifestyle changes in society and the economy respectively

In the case of the Pheu Thai Party (Public Organisation) raising a digital wallet policy to access community shops. There is more money in circulation locally. believes it will get more feedback from the public because it meets the needs of lower society who want to improve their quality of life better than before As for the Sang Ruam Thai Chart Party (RTC), it has adjusted its platform to extend the project. We earn half of each other. We love each other. It is possible to do Section 33 and travel together, but it does not affect the election much. Although the money is distributed to low income people who are such target groups because most people choose the right party People who like it in mind Such a policy proposal as using snapper to fish shrimp, which means high investment but low return. or loss

use of social media or an online election campaign platform Can be effective for the new generation who have access to information. But it doesn’t work with people from other states. or very rural as a member of another party Having a party in mind, he doesn’t pay attention, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t recognize, and he rejects the campaign, so the use of media from such targeting party members more. to spread information and reinforce membership status support the party and future candidates towards the goals set believe there is more response and support

Personally, I agree with the use of social media or online platforms. Social and economic development, including trade, investment, tourism, especially trading spending through scanning and PromptPay systems that reach all levels of society Money is distributed to local communities. As a result, it systematically stimulates and drives the underlying economy towards stability and sustainability under a cashless society. It is an online transaction instead. to reduce the process and facilitate the people as much as possible

However, using social media and online platforms to campaign can be misleading people creating pages to slander and persecute. There must be a monitoring team to check at all times. If such actions are detected, they must file a complaint for bringing false information into the computer system. which is a criminal case to prevent subsequent damage If the Royal Election Decree has not yet been published, all parties can use such media to campaign. If the election decree has been issued, the election law must be recorded immediately. Such media cannot be used for campaigning again as it is considered an election expense which must be reported to the Electoral Commission (ECT) If it is not reported, it is considered an offense under the law was named.

However, using the online platform to conduct any transaction under political party policies Bank of Thailand (BOT) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must conduct feasibility studies and issue legislation. to announce the use of a new digital currency system ready to prevent transnational financial crimes that secretly deceive the public in the form of investments that provide high returns Online gambling, money laundering, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, trafficking in people are gray funds that support political parties used in elections. Because it has caused damage to the economy of hundreds of thousands of baht per year.

If there is a law to oversee such a matter No matter which party comes to government Ability to develop and extend the use of online platforms to conduct all types of financial transactions. respond to the policies of political parties to meet the needs of the people or the modern society can truly continue

Siriwat Patcharaniwattanakul
independent academic

Using social media to publicize the campaign of political parties or MP candidates will affect the people in terms of the basis of the vote or not. It depends on the news users how they will have an opinion. Most of the policies will be short and unclear, and if people have a heart for that political party, it will go in a positive way. If people don’t believe and don’t like that political party, they will think negatively. So, I would like people to analyze this social media as well.

Compared to social media with candidates MPs walking to meet people in person In this respect, it is impossible to say which is better. But most importantly, the candidate MPs must do both side by side if the MP candidate does not go directly to meet the people. People will see that they do not give importance to the people. disrespect It must be done side by side in all channels to communicate with the voters.

Plaid Thai Pheu will issue a digital card to win votes from the people. I think it has received a lot of attention as well. But only get a certain level of votes, it would not be obvious because it is a new target group that will only campaign and buy the hearts of young people, however, political parties policy If it comes down to the hands of the people in especially in money There will always be votes, but the detailed rules are difficult or not. Compared to the bad card

When campaigning through social media, the Electoral Commission already has regulations I would like to tell the people about the use of drugs and the policies of different political parties. Because there will be propaganda, buying in, persuading people to choose that party. so I would like to consider in the content because in most social media there are big topics Don’t assume it’s true.

If the policy focuses on populism and puts it on social media. I would like to suggest that it should be a practical policy. does not affect the national budget

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