Shinhan 銀, organizational reorganization, vice president-level personnel… “Reorganization for Digital Transformation”

[이데일리 김정현 기자] Shinhan Bank (CEO Jin Ok-dong) appointed a new vice president-level executive on the 28th and carried out organizational restructuring for digital transformation.

Shinhan Bank announced that it had held a board of directors meeting at its headquarters in Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the same day, appointed a management center with job expertise and communication skills, and implemented organizational restructuring for differentiated finance.

In this personnel appointment, experts in each field, such as global, credit, personal, consumer protection, and risk management, were newly appointed as division heads and group heads for the bank’s sustainable growth through future core business promotion.

To provide digital transformation and innovative financial services in the financial industry where digital competition has intensified, and to continuously pursue a safe bank that customers can trust, GMS (Global Market & Security), WM (Wealth Management), ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and information security fields, it is explained that the decision to reappointment of the management who showed excellent competency has strengthened the stability of the core fields.

Vice President Oh Han-seop, who was appointed as the head of the credit group, is an expert in the credit field who has experienced both credit review and corporate sales through corporate credit review and PRM marketing. Vice President Park Hyeon-joo, who was appointed as the head of the consumer group, is evaluated as a representative female leader, having been recognized for her communication skills through various tasks such as consumer protection and foreign exchange support.

Vice President Jung Yong-gi, who was appointed as the head of the individual group, is evaluated to have excellent ability to promote synergy with personal finance-based businesses based on various sales field experiences. Vice President Park Seong-hyeon, who was appointed as the head of the institutional group, has served as the head of the institutional customer department and the Sustainability Management Division (CSSO) of the holding company.

Jong-Hwa Bae, who was appointed as the head of the risk management group, is an expert in the field of risk management who has experience in both credit planning and credit review, and her strength is detailed analysis. They are equipped with all of them and have expertise in the overall investment product.

Shinhan Bank also selected Ryu Chan-woo, former deputy general manager of the Financial Supervisory Service, as the final candidate for the standing audit committee. The standing auditor will be finally appointed at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held after the board of directors.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank reorganized its organization with a focus on ‘increasing the speed of execution’ for differentiated finance through digital transformation.

In line with ‘SAQ (Speed ​​Agility/Quickness)’, an agile organization of Shinhan Financial Group (Chairman Cho Yong-byeong), a purpose-oriented organization ‘Tribe’ was established to carry out core strategic tasks.

‘Tribe’ is an agile organization that combines resources necessary for core strategic tasks such as ‘promotion of new application development’ beyond the boundaries of departments. expecting that

In addition, the Digital Innovation Team, a digital innovation organization, has been established as △ ‘Data Planning Unit’ in charge of data strategy and data advisory △ ‘Data Science Unit’ that analyzes voice and image and develops analysis models △ AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robot Process Automation) ), the ‘Innovation Service Unit’ in charge of chatbot services and the ‘Data Platform Unit’ that develops and operates AI platforms and big data analysis portals.

In addition, the ‘Digital Individual Division’ was newly established by assigning a digital strategy group to the individual sector. It plans to introduce differentiated customer management and marketing by activating retail sales centering on digital.



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