Shinhan Bank, existing sub-debtor customers can also choose the maturity of 40 years

Shinhan Bank announced on the 31st that customers using home mortgage loans can extend the loan period by 5 years without the existing interest rate conditions, up to a maximum of 40 years.

With this policy, customers with a mortgage loan period of 15 years can extend the loan period to 20 years, customers with 30 years to 35 years, and customers with 35 years to 40 years, the longest loan period, with the same interest rate conditions.

Customers using Shinhan Home Loan, Shinhan Home Loan (apartment), or Plus Mortgage Loan can extend the loan period by visiting the nearest Shinhan Bank branch. In June, Shinhan Mobile Banking ‘SOL’ also plans to establish a new process for extending the mortgage loan period.

Shinhan Bank Headquarters.

A Shinhan Bank official said, “At a time when the base interest rate continues to rise, we decided to implement this plan to relieve customers of the burden of repaying the principal and interest every month.”

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