Shinhan Card’s card number security vulnerability… Financial Supervisory Service “Card Company Inspection Order”

As it was revealed that Shinhan Card’s specific card numbering system was composed of weak security, the financial authorities ordered card companies to self-check.

Previously, it was confirmed as a result of SBS coverage that Shinhan Card’s specific card numbers were simply issued to reveal regularity.

As a result of checking with the Financial Supervisory Service, it was revealed that the card number was actually given simply.

The Financial Supervisory Service said, “There is a risk of being exposed to illegal overseas use.

In addition, he instructed them to strengthen the FDS monitoring for overseas payments and to actively compensate for any fraudulent use cases.

Shinhan Card said, “It has been identified so far that there is a problem with the numbering system of some affiliated cards.” “There are no cases of damage.”

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