Shining on the richness of “Mac, True Love” announces the sale of the mansion for 100 million, plus 5 luxury cars

Reporters reported that Mr. Katatorn Pilaphong or Mac Raktae Thainiyom, 45 years old Former country singer There are many famous songs such as Khun Phaen Tears and True Love Doesn’t Care for Reasons. used to belong to a famous camp Currently, there is a house in the municipality of Pak Khat Subdistrict, Pak Khat District, Bueng Kan Province, which is currently in the news of marriage registration with meow adult Ratchanikul Boonnontae The headman at Ban Na So, Village No. 9, Hor Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Bueng Kan Province which is famous in the online world known as “The most beautiful headman”

latest Mr. Katathorn became a subject of great attention again After on January 12th, the person announced the sale of a luxury mansion worth 100 million, plus 5 more luxury cars, by posting a personal Facebook account. Attached a picture of the mansion in Bueng Kan province, saying

House for sale 100 million baht, 2 swimming pools, 1 private pub studio, 2 conference rooms, 3 head offices, spacious parking lot, 1 koi pond, plus 5 luxury cars for free.



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