Shinji ♥ Kim Jong-min and denied marriage rumors saying she is pregnant… My parents had a hard time Very Moon-ah

Photo = KBS2 video clip 'The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room'

Photo = KBS2 video clip ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’

‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’ Kim Jong-min and Shinji clearly denied the ‘marriage rumours’.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’ (henceforth ‘Ok Moon-ah’), broadcast on the 21st, the longest mixed group, Koyote Kim Jong-min, Shinji, and Paekga appeared.

Shinji said, “It’s been 24 years since Koyote first appeared. It’s been 19 years since I’ve been working with Jongmin oppa and Paekga.” As for the secret of the longest mixed group, Pak-ga said, “It wasn’t easy. There were too many things.” Kim Jong-min said, “There were many individual slumps and difficulties. In particular, Shinji went through a big fall. At that time, we comforted, cursed, and released from our side, and we became stronger. It was hurt,” he said. Then he said, “I have a bond as a comrade.”

Koyote announced that he had established an agency after 10 years. Shinji said, “I wanted to do concerts and albums properly, so I signed a contract with Koyote. So the new song that came out this time was ‘GO’. I did everything I could in broadcasting. I also went to YouTube where idols appear. I did it while I couldn’t sleep. “he said.

MCs were curious about Coyote’s profit share. Shinji replied, “4 (Shinji): 3 (Jongmin): 3 (Baekga)”. Kim Jong-min made everyone laugh when he said, “Shinji should take more.” Paekga also thanked him, saying, “Actually, it should be 7 (Shinji): 2 (Jongmin): 1 (Baekga), but Shinji and Jongmin hyung gave a lot of concessions.” Shinji said, “Babaekga came in last, so I did a 5:5 split for Jongmin oppa. Baekga was paid separately as a guest vocalist. He said, ‘You’re 4, and I’ll do 3 with the family. back.'” Shinji also revealed that “the income from individual activities is the income of each individual.” Kim Jong-min said, “It is important for all of us to make more money,” making everyone laugh.

Kim Jong-min and Shinji explained the fake news ‘marriage rumours’ that started on YouTube. MC Song Eun-i asked, “What happened to the two of you? They said they’ve been secretly dating for 10 years.” Kim Jong-min said, “I don’t know. AI told me on YouTube. They said I give them diamonds. I got a lot of calls from people around me asking, ‘Is it real?'” Shinji said, “They said I married Kim Jong-min after 10 years of secret dating. They even said I was pregnant.”

Shinji said, “People who are familiar with YouTube like us know it’s fake, but adults don’t believe it. Even our parents were suspicious. Oppa Jongmin’s family and our parents had a hard time. In later, my mother said, ‘Are we secretly dating?'” Shinji admitted, “Thank you for giving us a chance to explain ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room'” and “It’s not like this with the members of the family. I hope you don’t believe it.”

The MCs asked Koyote, ‘When do you want to get married?’ “A famous fortune teller looked at me and said that at 59, I could meet someone 3 or 4 years older than me and get married,” said Paekga. Shinji said, “I want to continue dating these days. I’m old, so if I’m in a relationship, shouldn’t I get married?” When MC Jung Hyung-don asked, “Weren’t you married?”, Shinji said, “I want to be in a relationship, I want to get married, and I like children.” Kim Jong-min said that the moment he wanted to get married was “when my friends’ children had grown up.” Then, Kim Jong-min laughed, saying, “Actually, seeing Jong-kook hyung gives me comfort. I think I’ll go first.” Then he joked, “My brother is fine, but girls have a hard time. I need to exercise, use toilet paper, and listen to whining.” Kim Jong-guk said, “I don’t force my girlfriend to exercise or save money.” MC Kim Sook asked, “Isn’t your brother supposed to buy a bag like this?” Kim Jong-guk said, “I will buy a hundred unconditionally. What are you talking about. I live like that by myself, and I never force it.”

Kim Jong-guk asked Kim Jong-min, “They say they are thinking about sperm freezing. It seems fine. Why not do it with me?” Kim Jong-min recommended, “If your brother does not exercise, the sperm may decline suddenly, so you should do it early, even when you are a year younger.”

Paekga said he operates a super-sized cafe of 5,000 pyeong in Jeju Island. It is not a small amount, but when asked if he had spent all the money he won, Bakga replied, “I put a lot of money into it.” When Kim Sook asked, “I heard it was a jackpot,” said Paekga, “I was surprised too. Usually, when I open a cafe, it’s a temporary opening for the first 3 months. I collect wages and the workers’ monthly rent, and as soon as they open, they make a profit. ‘Can I earn this way?’ It went as well as I wanted. Thank you.”

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia

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