shipwreck! Hurricanes hit the United States, killing four and injuring nearly 30.

(Stephen Swofford/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette via AP)

shipwreck! Hurricanes hit the United States, killing four and injuring nearly 30.

AFP news agency said that a tornado hit the southern state of the United States in Arkansas on March 31, killing three people. A powerful storm rolled into Illinois, destroying a movie theater. Including one death and 28 injuries.

A massive tornado swept through Arkansas on Friday afternoon (March 31), prompting Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to declare widespread damage. and also tweeted that “There has been a lot of damage in central Arkansas.”

(Colin Murphey/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette via AP)

Sanders said there were two deaths at Wynn. Located in eastern Arkansas, Pulaski County officials have also confirmed one death. The state capital of Arkansas, where the county is located, said it had moved nearly 30 people to a local hospital.

The US National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings for nearby areas such as Tennessee, Iowa and Illinois.

The situation in Illinois was quite dire that night. For a great storm raged on Belvedere. Until causing the roof and front of the Apollo Theatre, which is located in the state Collapsed while a rock band was performing. Fox 32 Chicago television station said on its website that more than 20 ambulances went to the crash site.

(AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Shawn Cheadle, Belvedere Fire Chief It was reported that one person was killed and 28 were injured in the disaster. Five people had to be treated for their serious condition.

Footage from television news reports showed emergency workers using translators to transport injured concertgoers. A video posted on social media showed debris on the floor of the concert venue. which pile up almost waist high in some places Including a hole in the roof of the movie theater.