Shirakawa-go Lighting in Japan will restart in January 2023! 15% discount on early bird reservation package, round trip transfer to and from Nagoya + Hida Takayama Old Town sightseeing + Hida beef dinner

Shirakawa-go Lighting will restart in January 2023!Japan travel must see the stunning snow scenery 15% off early bird booking discount package round trip transfer + Hida Takayama Ancient Street sightseeing + Hida beef dinner

Attention friends who plan to spend the winter in Japan! Shirakawa-go Lighting, suspended for 2 years due to the epidemic, will return to the list in 2023! The event will only take place on the 6th day. I believe that many tourists and locals will compete to participate. If you want to make an appointment quickly and don’t know how to arrange it, you can buy a KKday one-day tour package, which departs from Nagoya, not only to secure entry Watch the lights in Shirakawa-go, and visit Hida Takayama Ancient Street. Register before December 26 to enjoy an early bird discount of $878, and a Hida beef dinner included, which is cost- very effective!

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Shirakawa-go lights up

$878 See the beautiful winter scenery in Baichuan Township! Including round trip transportation from Nagoya + Hida beef dinner

When it comes to the beautiful winter scenery in Japan, everyone will think of Gassho Village of Shirakawa Township, which is covered in snow, and the annual winter lighting session is an activity that tourists and even locals from all over from the world competing. to participate in. Shirakawa-go, which is listed as a world cultural heritage, has a higher annual snowfall and snowfall rate than other nearby areas due to the high altitude and low temperature in the area. Traditional Japanese wooden houses have u covered with white snow, and the lights are dimmed, like the winter kingdom seen in fairy tales.

To participate in the Shirakawa-go Lighting Event, which is held only 6 times a year, you need to apply to the official website of the Shirakawa-go Tourism Association, and then wait for the lottery result, or you need to book accommodation in Shirakawa-go in exchange for entrance tickets, etc., but this year’s application time has passed, lost If you want to confirm the trip earlier so that you can arrange the travel date, the editor recommend the KKday Shirakawago Illumination Day Tour. Participating in the Day tour is the easiest way to play. As long as you gather at Nagoya Station on time, you can board a tour bus and go to Hida Takayama Ancient Street for sightseeing, then go to Shirakawa-go around 2 pm, and wait until the evening lighting time (lighting on) Time 5:30pm-7:30pm), there are 5 full hours, enough time for everyone to enjoy the beauty of Shirakawa-go during the day and the night There is an early bird discount right now. If you book before December 26, you can make a reservation for $ 878 per person. There is also a Hida beef set lunch. You can taste the glutinous oil and the rich and sweet beef Gifu Prefecture Meat Kuroge Wagyu beef, watching the winter season An amazing sight, another item on life’s bucket list!

【Winter 2023 Limited】Day Trip to World Heritage Takayama Shirakawa-go Lights|From Nagoya

KKday 15% off early bird price: $878; original price:$1,025

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click to see more pictures 2023 年1 月重啟!85 click to see more pictures named

Shirakawa-go lights up

click to see more pictures 2023 年1 月重啟!85 click to see more pictures named

Hida Takayama Ancient Street

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