shock! 45 human body bags found in a canyon in Mexico Linking missing person cases – illegal activities


shock! 45 human body bags found in a canyon in Mexico Linking missing person cases – illegal activities

The AFP news agency reported on June 2 that local authorities in Mexico said that bags containing at least 45 human remains have been found in a valley in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico. Searching for seven people who were reported missing last week,

The Jalisco prosecutor’s office said in a statement: The bag was sorted and the human remains were male and female.

News of the gruesome discovery came on Tuesday (May 30) at the bottom of a 40 meter deep canyon in the municipality of Zapopan. The suburbs of Guadalajara are a major industrial center

Mexican authorities had previously begun searching for seven people, two women and five men, all in their 30s, who had been reported missing since May 20. Each person was reported missing on a different day but found investigators that they all work in the same call center company. located in the area where these body bags were found


However, forensic experts are still unable to determine the number of victims and their identities.

Initial investigations indicate that this call center company may be involved in illegal activities. Local media reported that officers also found marijuana, cloth and rags with obvious bloodstains. Including documents likely to be related to commercial activities.

Relatives of the missing accused the authorities of trying to frame the victims.

In recent years human remains have been found in bags or in graves dug up in different areas. from the state of Jalisco

In 2021, 11 human remains were found in about 70 bags in Tonala municipality in the state, while 29 human bodies were found in 119 bags two years earlier in a deserted area of ​​Sa Po municipality.


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