shock! Famous three-handed woman, divorcing 90 couples

shock! Third party girl is famous, divorces 90 couples – debuts in concert Celebrities and fans are stunned.

After the news he suggested to a married couple in the entertainment industry. The husband is a singer in the 90s and the wife used to be a famous actress. signed the divorce papers in secret But they are also good friends and continue to act as parents to their children. until netizens had to interpret for themselves who he was because so far the person has not been revealed or accepted

Recently, more suggestions of couples in the 90s have been opened from the program “Fun San Entertainment”. Identifying a handsome man They are both actors, singers, hosts, models with awards to guarantee their skills. beautiful woman Likes exercise, is an actress, singer, model, has more than 1 child, been married for more than 20 years, signed divorce papers last week. But still follow and comment on IG as usual Less status from husband and wife to parents of children and still good friends.

In this regard, the host tent said that the reason for the outage was a third party. by a woman accused of being a third party early fours be famous There are acquaintances inside and outside the industry. I have been married to high society before. who have 1 child together and have a trip with the man

While Bum Panadda, the co-host, said that social people have now invaded the third house, keep calm, don’t invade and just comment. Overcame to open and see that they are going to travel abroad together. There is a reunion of two families, however, Bum Panadda also suggests in the program by writing on paper to tell friends. The MC said that this couple went here together. Better to wait for him to speak for himself. If he can agree on his own His relationship was clear what kind of relationship it was. Happy for all parties, it’s about him. believe it will come out to clear soon

Go and see the other side. Recently, the page is catching the stars. I came out saying that “Divorce not long ago He took his wife and children to launch?? really hurt A small concert featuring Channel One star artists????’ I don’t care about anything at the level of the father, it’s not enough. Everyone at the event is confused about who this girl is. At first I thought he was a dancer. But when someone else came down to the stage and hugged him, he smelled good. Everyone arrived at Bang O. ‘Oh, wife, child’
#The star is stunned. The fan club is stunned. #Don’t copy homework. #Dean himself is troubled. #Catch a pontoon of stars”

and he said that “If you don’t believe Dien, you can go see ‘Wife and Child’ IG. She uploaded the photo and wanted everyone to know. Fans know #I don’t want to know, foot first. My mother-in-law Wife caught the 100th time her husband was unfaithful and had a wife and child, so she asked for a divorce immediately It can’t be tolerated anymore. Then post it in the story that I’m number 1.

On the side of netizens, many comments came in, for example, somehow, oh…, very strong, but already divorced, screaming, the only person who thinks about him Watch all clips, uh, why he make us think?, seventh floor heaven who is called a teacher or not, etc.