Shock.Pat Napapha used to be rejected by Tono.Love can only be brothers and sisters. Reveal the status of someone you know, 14 years apart

Recently, there is news of a kiss with a younger girlfriend. Age difference in cycles?

Pat: I heard you have, so let’s compete with who’s younger? How many years apart is Prairie’s?
Prairie: Yours is far away.I am a mother of 12
Pat: (shakes his head, smiles) softly
Prairie: So your mother’s mother is weaker?
Pat: Of course, 14 years apart.

Aren’t you afraid? Mother went to child 14 years apart to date They will talk to each other soon Pat Napapha eats children?

I’m afraid, so I haven’t given the status yet. Still in the status of being the closest person to talk

Why haven’t you given it a status yet? Isn’t it a fan status?

He is stuck that the age difference is too big, 14 years For Pat, Pat thinks it is too much. That is, we refuse to call (love) and do not let him call. We have already talked about If you want status Stop talking to us now. Are we getting old? Our maturity will increase. That means every word we say will have its effect. We have to take it. It’s not like when we were 20-21 years old, I said quit hundreds of times, but I never really quit. but when we grow up Every word that comes out of our mouths must go through that thought process If he really stopped talking to us we must be right we have already concluded that we are right

How did you get to know each other, mum?

Well, I went to see the style show A. Let’s start with the secretary. The old man recommended that he watch. To bring this young man to my show and DM to say hello, the idea at first was to bring him to our show. Come to think of it, my sister is single. We asked him if he was single or not, he said he was single. Sending a picture of my younger brother. This is my sister who is single, her name is Naf.

Did we like it then?

Young Pat is addicted to children only. We are so far apart Then Pat was afraid that he would suddenly go with a child, bring up a child and his maturity again. Will he understand? Then we talked and talked. You can’t appear, but I can.

Talk and talk Do you like this? Then compete with your sister?

No, he never spoke to Naf. That is, as I said, send any pictures. But he never contacted our younger brother. but he speaks to us

He only has a friend who loves to be cruel. Is this a cruel heartbroken brother?

We already share, brothers and sisters.

share love together?

Actually (smiling) The previous person, the person in the robe, was born from the younger one. I didn’t know at first. Sister suggested we talk. until we found out later that you used to flirt with him And then didn’t speak until finally passed the stick to an elder

So mom doesn’t stick?

They greeted each other, but did not speak (approbation). Well, try talking to this young man, talk to me until I just realized it’s been a year already?

Keep talking, mom?

The longer we get a chance to talk is 1. He is very patient with Pat.

How lucky is this guy?

I must say Pat was lucky (smiles) No, this didn’t help him. But it came at a time when Pat was doing many things in life. And Pat doesn’t focus on this at all. And then it was in place. where he receives what we give how much is alone

the fact that his mother did not give him status Aren’t you afraid that he will find someone else who can give him a clearer status?

Pat told me to go. Then Pat told him, if there’s anyone who’s talking and feeling better, go ahead, we’re not stuck at all.

Is your mother child proof? Toddler spec?

I wonder if the 3 funny, uh, small and funny women came here. It’s all younger than me.

That the child likes the mother because the mother is sexual?

It doesn’t matter like A. Like this, let’s talk about it. Oh fuck, it’s 10 years apart from us Damn, but it’s cute. It means it’s funny. Talking like this about a year and a half. until we break up This is because we are suddenly full, confused, and there is no new person.

Is it because my mother had it or not?

It’s not about a year and a half. I haven’t kicked him, he hasn’t. I know he’s crying. men do not understand

Who’s crying?

Guys, how are you? Imagine, we say sorry. We didn’t really have anyone else, and after the end, we started a new chapter, just alone.

How is your mother like this? Easy to love quickly?

That’s right, yes, I’m not bored, I like it easily, but it’s hard to love until I meet someone in uniform. Passed by deal from Naf first.

More than 8 years, how many months have you spent dating and breaking up?

Paith: Very short, 7 days, Aedes 2 months?
Pat: This one, let him steal the scene of the patch. Because Pat’s fastest time is 4 months, so he was nicknamed Mae Pat 8G, which was launched on Loi Krathong Day. Open from being a person who doesn’t drink alcohol but for trying to sip Oh, I’m just drunk. I haven’t finished the glass yet. And then the man took a photo shoot, something like this Feels like a photo shoot You can post a story, then upload it (laughs). After finishing, that night passed. we’re already sleeping I don’t know, we go down and it’s over Wake up and it’s news. Brief Feeling But the news is not good. Pat is like a third hand, doesn’t a man already have a girlfriend? Wasn’t he talking to this person? And there are many female profiles within 6 hours, I’m single until the fan club commented I’m not sure, I’m happy or sad (smile), it’s 6 hours, it’s n legend, so it’s Mae Pat 8G.

P’Pat used to get news with people in the industry. that person is real Who is the content Can you give an example?

All content (laughter) P’ Tono asking for permission. At that time Jin was because they were on a program together. And Pat really likes it. Go tease something like this. Become a person and go to gin. But it is impossible. There was a conversation after the mic that it’s better to be brothers

Eh, how to talk to get a message saying “Better be brothers”?

I’m just calling. I’m like this So what are we going to do? He said they were better brothers (laughs), very simply, the other, Oat Pramote.

What do you like, Oats? But P Oat is a warm man?

No, we work together. People were jinxed again, like Father Bear, Mother Bear, because of chemistry, and at that time we were working on the Paring Bear program and had children, Oat took good care of our children. If it doesn’t go together It will be difficult to work together. Break the problem. Okay, then it’s okay.


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