Home Entertainment Shock the idol industry! Fever will end the band on July 31 due to COVID-19 affecting their work.

Shock the idol industry! Fever will end the band on July 31 due to COVID-19 affecting their work.

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Shocked fans! Roman camp announces the end of female idol group Fever on July 31, pointing to the COVID-19 problem Outbreaks deliver results and activities.

Fans of the idol industry were stunned when the social network Facebook fan page “Fever” of the idol group “Fever” published an announcement that the group’s termination, stating that the company is running. Entertainment Co., Ltd. would like to clarify that Due to the overall COVID-19 epidemic in Thailand resulting in the event and various activities There has been a change from the original company, which is the company that takes care of idol artists, the band Fever has resolved to suspend business and terminate all roles of the group within July 31, 2021 onwards.
In this regard, the company would like to thank all fans, partners, sponsors and media for supporting the company’s various works, including the artists themselves, who have always been well received. The fans will understand and continue to support. Follow the children’s work future members

Fever is the most popular idol group. Started recruiting for members in the middle of ’61 before getting a total of 12 members, including “Beambeam-Kamonporn Kosiarakwong” , “Beam-Jirachaya Chanjiresrasamee” , “Boss-Palirat Konbang” , “Spam-Kasina Gomet” , “C-Urasayak Bunnag” , “Bai Mon-Nichanan Pattaraphithak”, “Foy-Penpicha Ampaichaluay”, “Baifern-Patchmon Wongchitmana” , “Pop-Naphasporn Sriprapha” , “Pai-Rattaya Phonkerd” , “Bai Bua-Supatcha Lojana Rungsiri” and “Su-Mali Sae Wang”. Later, on December 4, 63, “C Urassaya” asked to suspend activities with the band due to health problems. leaving 11 members

Fever opens to fans Known for wearing a white shirt and red skirt, but has a cool and solemn image. with a synth-pop style of music that uses electronic music as the main sound So it looks different from other bands. It also has a number of followers that are not just in the idol industry. “Start Again” is the first song used for the group’s debut on December 16, 2018 and is also the group that used English as the lyrics. Currently, they have a total of 3 singles, including Ghost World and PASSWORD in the first single Underground , The Feeling , Stop! and NGLMD in the single 2 If You Want Me and the latest song How Delete it is of “Boss Palirat” that collaborated with “Kan-Niphat Kamjornpreecha” of the band “The Parkinson” in Single 3, which the band previously hinted that there will be 3 more songs left. In addition, they have made a special song Crush! To compete in LODI X, which in this arena Fever has also won.


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