Shocked. A 59-year-old uncle is sick in bed. He has been vaccinated with 2 injections. He’s back to walking normally.

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18 Jan 2022 2:32 p.m.

Surprised, the 59-year-old uncle was bedridden for almost a year. Wife gave me 2 shots of covid vaccination, unbelievable thing happened. come back to walk What do you normally do by yourself? surprisingly

At 1:00 PM on January 18, 65, there was a strange thing. The patient was bedridden for almost a year, unable to even sit up. But after receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, he was surprisingly able to sit up and walk on his own. After acknowledging, they went to check at House No. 34, Village No. 1, Nong Khan Song Subdistrict, Mueang District, Trat Province, belonging to Mr. Chan Charoenphut, 59 years old (bed-ridden patient) and Mrs. Parat Khiekhajee, 48 years old. (Husband and wife) who opened a grocery store in Laem Hin Village.

When he arrived, he found Mr. Chan Charoenphut, who used to be a bedridden patient, sitting on the patient’s bed. before talking until you know I used to stay in bed for 9 months, but after 2 injections of Sinofarm vaccine, my symptoms improved until I was able to get up and walk on my own. Now I can walk without a cane. Then Mr. Chan have walked around the house to see This was a huge surprise to the neighbors nearby.

Mr. Chan said that he originally had a career in fishing. He was in good physical shape and was able to sail a fishing boat like everyone else, and then suddenly had pain in his legs and then spread to his back until he could not walk or move. have a lot of pain Went to the doctor at the hospital, slept for 7 days, the doctor said it was osteoporosis. bone deterioration Was given paramedics to relieve pain and had to stay in bed at home for 9 months, unable to get up because of pain. have to sleep alone At that time, I was so stressed that I used to think I didn’t want to live anymore. Fear of being a burden to others, having to stay in bed until death But after 2 injections of Sinofarm vaccination, symptoms improved, pain disappeared, began to move without pain and developed to sit up on its own. Up until now I could walk without a cane. Which he was surprised because in the past, he had not taken any medication for treatment other than paramedics. But after vaccination, his condition improved until he was able to walk, which was very strange.

Asked Mrs. Parat Khiekhajee, 48, his wife, she said she lived with three people, a father, mother and a daughter after her husband became bedridden for almost a year. Living was a bit more difficult. Because they have to take care of all the time, including eating, excretion, everything, but after vaccination had improved symptoms accordingly Now I can get up and walk around on my own. can find rice At first, her husband refused to vaccinate out of concern. because he was already sick in bed and was afraid that he would have other symptoms that made him more sick But he thought that he had already injected The daughter was injected. If the husband does not inject, he is afraid that if he or his daughter is infected, it will be severe. So she tried to tell her husband to inject until the husband agreed to inject. with a doctor coming home to inject according to the government’s policy to inject patients in bed By injecting both sinofarms with 2 needles, the first injection was normal without any symptoms. But when I got the second injection around the end of September 2021, my husband’s symptoms began to improve. Begin to move up and sit by yourself. able to move his arms and legs by himself Until now, I was able to get up and walk by myself. which he was surprised as well And now we are waiting to see when the staff will inject the 3 needles.

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