Shocked by a giant king cobra raising its neck high on the roadside of the Bang Phra Reservoir

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29 Nov 2021 14:55

Netizens share a photo of a giant king cobra raising its neck on the edge of the Bang Phra Reservoir. Warning to runners or cycling increase caution fearful of danger while holding the snake Went to the area to check, still not found.

from the case of many Facebook users An alert was posted to the group “Bang Phra” because a large king cobra was found. Raise your neck right on the road which is a running route and bicycle paths, many times, fearing that it would be dangerous for pedestrians

The latest was at 12:00 p.m. on November 29, 2021, Mr. Nirut Chomngam, chairman of the Sorotoxicology Project. Along with officers who specialize in catching snakes, staff of Bang Phra Subdistrict Administrative Organization and Bang Phra Reservoir Non-Hunting Area, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation have joined together to visit the area where the king cobra found to determine the path that the snake will come up Before planning to catch the snakes out of the area. For the safety of those who use this route

From the examination it was found that this road It is a road where people come to ride bicycles. and jogging in which a large king cobra was seen raising its neck on the side of the road and can be saved

Examination Mr. Wuwit Petchkeaw knows that the king cobra will come out around 3.00-18.00 hrs., raising its neck about waist height. but not spreading the pawn The body is about 4-5 meters long and has been found since before Loi Krathong. people riding bicycles Or walking for exercise, feeling afraid, will detour around the area that has been labeled. which previously There are people who run close to the edge of the road and come across them, almost in shock, which wants everyone to increase their caution. because it is a poisonous snake life threatening

Mr Niruth said officials had not found the cobra today. But officials are still keeping an eye on them, and if found, they will pinpoint a potential spawning ground for the king cobra and catch it before releasing it to a remote location.

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