Shocked owner, a strange man has been in the house for years, claiming to buy 5 million, add until the whole house is broken.

Shocked owner, the vacation home built. I just learned that a strange man has been in the house for years, claiming to have bought it for 5 million, renovating and refurbishing until the whole house is broken.

(Jan. 11, 65) at 9:00 a.m., the reporter was informed by Grandma Tan, 70 years old, who lives in Nong Bon village, Na Pong Subdistrict, Mueang Loei District, Loei Province, the elder sister of the house owner. that on January 9, 65, there was an unknown man who did not know who Came to live in a vacation home at Khao Luang Subdistrict, Wang Saphung District, Loei Province, belonging to a relative who built it but didn’t live.

The man had been in for almost a year, although he did not know him, informed Pol Maj Gen Yongyuth Phonsa, the Wang Saphung police station. and Kamnan Khao Luang travel to check Found an anonymous man, later known as Mr. Thanwa, 32 years old, an insane man There is a house in the area

Yai Tan said that the owner of the house was named Miss Supawadee in Hua Hin District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province It was built to relax when I returned to Loei and rarely came to live, so it was announced for sale. The house was fully furnished, but suddenly Mr. Thanwa came to live in the house for almost a year without knowing. Change the condition of the house until it is completely destroyed. Seeing the condition of the relative’s house, he almost fainted.

Mr. Thanwa claimed that he bought a house for 5 million baht, decorated the house for more than 2 million baht, along with showing the copy of the land title deed and bringing a red pen to write at Garuda. I’ve been living in the house for almost a year now. From the discussion, it was found that Mr. Thanwa have symptoms of a mental disorder So asked the police to bring him out of the house. Take him for questioning at the Wang Saphung Police Station and go to the psychiatric examination at Loei Rajanakarin Psychiatric Hospital.



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