Shocked that Djokovic’s medical exemption application was rejected by the Australian Open

Original title: Shocked that the Australian Open refused to receive vaccination or missed Melbourne

On December 30, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Novak Djokovic’s application for a medical exemption from the new crown vaccine was rejected by the Australian Open, and he may miss the 2022 Australian Open.

The world’s number one Serb has always kept his vaccination status extremely confidential, leading to speculation that he will not obtain an entry visa next month to fight for his 10th Australian Open men’s singles title.

Australian Open event director Craig Terry just recently reiterated the necessary steps to participate in the Australian Open that kicked off on January 17 local time: “If there are any players, fans (or) staff here, you must either be vaccinated, Either you have an approved medical exemption and you are on the Australian Immunization Register. This provides us with safety and additional on-site comfort. If Djokovic appears at the Australian Open, he will either be vaccinated or medically Exempt.”

It is currently reported that Djokovic’s application for a medical exemption has been rejected. In addition, his application for this exemption indicates that he has not been vaccinated. However, his vaccination status is still unknown. The news that Djokovic’s application was rejected came from the Serbian daily newspaper “The Informer”. They said that according to a source close to the Djokovic family, the world’s number one person clearly opposed vaccination. New crown vaccine, and will not choose to vaccinate in order to participate in the first Grand Slam of the 2022 season.Return to Sohu to see more


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