shocked! The victim was snatched from hundreds of unknown money. Tens of thousands of victims

shocked! The victim was snatched from hundreds of unknown money. Some of them got sucked out of their accounts. Tens of thousands of victims

Journalists reported on October 17 stated that facebook fan page Drama-addict Said that a customer of a bank was debited via a debit card account for a small amount. but was deducted hundreds of times Some have been deducted as many as 470 times, with more than 200 victims being deducted.

by Drama-addict The post said that strangely, the day before the statute, someone had warned him that he had been debited for more than 470 transactions even though the card was not linked to any account. I don’t know how Now, there were more than two hundred victims of the same kind.

Viewed in the group Everyone was hit the same way, suddenly their card was deducted. Then add details that pay via EDC and hit someone with dozens of items, each item is not much money, tens digits, hundreds digits, but all together, it’s a lot to see, a total of tens of thousands.

What happened?

Anyone who has been hit like this, go to the group at

by the latest page Drama-addict Victims are also reported to be scammers lurking in Google that will gradually suck money away, with the money disappearing little by little. If you notice any mistake, inform the bank immediately. Otherwise, the entire account may be drained.

The number of victims who have been pumped out of their accounts has grown to nearly ten thousand.


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