shocked the whole village Young man hallucinating drugs like to hurt Sadly, the girl was stabbed. Afraid to become unconscious – Fresh news

shocked the whole village Young man hallucinating drugs like to hurt Sadly, the girl was stabbed. scared to the point of becoming unconscious Even the parents can’t live with them. Ask the agency to help

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On January 24, 65, a reporter received a complaint from the villagers of Nong Nang Kham, Ban Phae Subdistrict, Khu Mueang District, Buriram Province, saying that more than 200 villagers live in fear. because there is a young man haunting the village Chase and attack until no one dares to leave the house. for fear it will be dangerous

From the inspection, the villagers, including the shops in the village, were found. They are keeping an eye out for Mr. Suea (name and surname reserved), 39, a village man who often ramps up after taking methamphetamine. Stores have to close if they hear a sound. The villagers closed their houses in silence.

Mrs. Prakong, 45, a shop owner in the village, said that Mr. Suea would often come into the shop and take things away stubbornly. But he did not dare to object, because Mr. Suea would always carry a knife. I can only post an account for Mr. Suea’s parents to look at, but Mr. Sue’s parents don’t have money to pay. He had been stabbed in the past because he demanded more than 2,000 baht overdue, but now he can do it. When he heard Mr. Suea’s voice, he rushed to close the shop but didn’t mind being threatened outside the shop. He had to take the things that Mr. Tiger wanted to go because he was afraid it would be dangerous.

On the side of Mrs. Ae (fictitious name), 56 years old, a villager in the village Told in tears that Mr. Suea was heavily addicted to methamphetamine. Every time I want to take drugs going out to go on a patrol to ask for money at a relative’s house and villagers 50-100 baht each, if not, Mr. Suea will rampage, then he will take the money to buy methamphetamine for 35 baht per pill or 3 pills for 100 baht.

In 2016, his daughter, then 21, was threatened by a tiger with a knife and asked for money. But the daughter didn’t have it. Mr. Tiger ran and stabbed. The daughter, who at that time had a 3-year-old son, even carried the child and climbed out of the window, but was unable to escape. So he took the child to his 7-year-old grandson and came to beg for his life, but it didn’t work, Mr. Suea. The tiger was still holding a knife and stabbed him at that time. His daughter ran away with his life. until the villagers came to help

events at that time change their daughter terrified all men In the end, he became a mentally ill person until now. Even Mr. Sue’s parents had to flee elsewhere. because he was afraid of being killed by his own son, leaving Mr. Suea alone, alone in the house.

Now the villagers have to be vigilant. No one dared to leave the house alone. Especially the children will not be released to walk the streets of the village is strictly prohibited. therefore would like to appeal to relevant agencies to solve the problems of the villagers Because in the past, the police were unable to arrest them and prosecute them. because it has not harmed anyone to cause injury or death



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