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Shocking, Burmese labor force spills into Thailand Caught once, 184 people (clip)

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25 Nov 2021 11:38 a.m.

A large lot of illegal migrant workers flooded into Thailand at the border of Phop Phra District, Tak Province. As many as 184 people from the 14th Infantry Regiment Task Force were intercepted while smuggling across the border to go to the inner city, as many as 184 people were found acting as a large movement to pay commissions. speed up the exam

At 1:00 a.m. on November 25, Colonel Narongchai Charoenchai, commander of the 14th Infantry Regiment Task Force, ordered Lieutenant Colonel Suriya Phasuk, Commander-in-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief of the Commander-in-Chief of Police 14 to lead the troops. 1413 battalion squadron patrols in a precarious area along the Thai-Myanmar border seam At the end of Huai Nam Nak Village, Khuang Pa Makham, Village No. 4, Chong Kwai Subdistrict, Phob Phra District, Tak Province, according to a plan to prevent and block the smuggling of illegal foreign workers into the country.

Officers later found movement within the dense forest and a large crowd. Soldiers therefore rushed to besiege and inspect the target area. Found that in the dense jungle, there are 184 illegal migrant workers, 111 men and 73 women, all of whom are Myanmar nationals. Sit and hide in the dark Each of them had one piece of luggage to travel in. Many were shivering from the cold weather and weary from illegally walking across the border into long distances.

Ask if Gather together to wait for a team of brokers to pick up the car and drop you off in the inner area. Military officials had to disperse all illegal workers to reduce congestion. and inspected with caution Then coordinate to request the power of the district administration to find Phra and the police to come and detain illegal foreign workers to investigate the police station. expand in depth

From the preliminary investigation It is known that a total of 184 illegal migrant workers, with brokers on the Myanmar side and brokers on the Thai side, brought together by boat across the Moei River and smuggled across the area of ​​Phop Phra District. by doing it as a large process Each worker has to pay a commission of up to 20,000 baht per head to help bring them to the inner cities and Bangkok, where workers are in need of work during labor shortages. Currently testing all foreign workers arrested for COVID-19

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