Shocking Dutch airport finds ‘living’ person in South African plane’s wheels, 11-hour journey

Shocking Dutch airports – On January 24, the BBC reported that Dutch police found a person alive in the wheels of a plane landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

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The man risked his life by stowing in the wheel area of a plane believed to be a Cargolux Italia cargo flight. Photo: 123rf

The flight was a cargo plane. Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, it takes an 11-hour journey and is believed to make one stop in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Once again, someone hiding from a long-distance plane survived. which happens even more difficult due to the cold air and low oxygen at the steep altitude

A spokesman for the Dutch military inspectorate told AFP: “The man was found alive in the nose wheel of the plane. and was taken to the hospital in stable condition It’s amazing that the man is alive.” His nationality and age have yet to be disclosed.

Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that The man’s body temperature rose at the scene. and when the ambulance arrived He can answer general questions.

Dutch police say the man has been taken to hospital and they don’t know his nationality.(Reuters: Arnd Wiegmann)

Cargolux is an air freight forwarder. confirmed to Reuters via email that The hidden flights are operated by Cargolux Italia.

Flight information states that Cargo Luxe flights from Johannesburg to Schiphol On Sunday, January 23 and still stopping at Nairobi. It is not known whether the man was hiding in a plane from South Africa or Kenya.

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