Shohei Ohtani, 2 games in a row, 3 walks, 17 games, 15 walks after leaving the boo trout, D-army win | Full-Count

1 at bat, no hits, 3 walks, 16 home runs remain in 2nd place in the league

■ Angels 8-3 Royals (8th Japan time, Anaheim)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani started on the 7th (8th Japan time) with “No. 2 Designated Hitter” in the match against the Royals. He chose walks for the first time, 2 times and 2 at-bats in a row, and walked on base 7 times without death. One game, three walks, was the most in Thailand and recorded two games in a row. The team won 8-3.

I wasn’t able to compete. 7th inning with a 4-point lead. He walked straight from Davis with a total of 140 saves. Recorded two games in a row with three walks in one game in Thailand, which is the largest number of majors. The home base fan was a big boo. Since May 18th, when outfielder Mike Trout, the outfielder of the main gun, entered the injured list due to right calf pain, the number has increased rapidly to 15 walks (including 2 walks) in 17 games.

Still, he contributed to the team with his feet. After the first walk on base, he went on base with a wild pitch and slipped into the first home with Rendon’s timely left front hit. Hitting a ball to Sanyu. It accelerated after the hit ball passed to the front left, but survived calmly. The ninth stolen base this season after walks with two deaths in the second inning. I laid down and slipped through the touch. Although it did not lead to a goal, he recorded two thefts in two consecutive games.

Season 16 home runs are tied for second place in the league. It remains two behind the Blue Jays Guerrero Jr., who runs the top of both leagues.

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