Shohei Ohtani is “3rd Pitcher” 14th Win and 4th Japanese Pitcher with 200 Strikeouts | Full Account

14 innings until the first major league regular pitching inning

■ Gemini – Angels (24th Japan time, Minnesota)

On the 23rd (24th Japan time, the game starts at 9:10), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani will participate in the game against the Twins at the same time as “No. 3, pitcher and DH”. Expectations are high for his 14th win and No. 35 home run.

In the game against the home base Mariners on the 17th (18th) of the previous pitching, he scored 8 hits in the 7th inning, with 3 hits and no runs. He earned his 13th win with a pitch that didn’t feel the influence of a blistered right middle finger. It will be installed with 5 days left.

The number of pitches before the game was 148. There are 14 more innings to go before the first season pitching innings (162) in the major league. He is also four short of reaching 200 strikeouts for the season. If he reaches 200K, he will be the fourth Japanese pitcher after Hideo Nomo (4 degrees), Daisuke Matsuzaka (1 degree), and Yu Darvish (4 degrees).

1 (2) Renhifo
2 (medium) trout
3 (finger) Shohei Otani
4 (Right) Ward
5 (1) Ford
6 (three) Daffy
7 (left) Moniak
8 (still) Stassy
9 (Play) Soto
Pitcher Shohei Ohtani

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