Shohei Ohtani is “too big” Fans are astonished by the body that is not inferior to the 198 cm left arm with a total of 251 wins | Full-Count

CC Sabathia posted a two-shot of plain clothes with Otani on SNS

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani celebrated his 28th birthday on the 5th. CC Sabathia, who retired from active duty at the end of 2019 with a total of 251 wins in the Yankees, sent a congratulatory comment on his Twitter and posted a two-shot with Otani. Otani, who is 198 cm tall and boasts a dignified body, is not inferior to Otani, and fans are surprised to say, “Shohei-san’s big w” and “Sabathia doesn’t look that big …!?” There is.

Mr. Sabathia posted a two-shot on his Twitter account with the words, “Shohei, happy birthday !! It’s just the beginning.” Both of them are casual style, and Otani stands out with a white shirt, dark blue pants, and white sneakers. Mr. Sabathia is wearing a T-shirt and jeans, putting his hands around each other’s hips and smiling. Mr. Sabathia is said to have been “chubby” and weighed 342 pounds (about 155 kg) at the peak when he was active, but after retiring he tried to lose weight and lost weight to 280 pounds (about 127 kg) last year 6 It was revealed on the moon.

Fans are delighted with the complete set of SupaStar. “CC, very slim!” “It’s wonderful that CC is an enthusiastic fan of Shohei” “Two Kings” “Is Sabathia so big?” “Sabathia is thin … !!” “CC. Sabathia retired Then, I was really thin. I thought I was someone. “

[Actual video]Shohei Ohtani is “too big” A two-shot in plain clothes with a 198 cm left arm who won a total of 251 wins

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