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Shohei Ohtani, reversal of rebirth No. 12 2 run 9 times Major top tie bullet at the last minute | Full-Count

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Alongside Braves Acuña Jr., Mariners Haniger, Yankees Judge

■ R Sox-Angels (17th Japan time, Boston)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani started on the 16th (17th Japan time) with the “No. 3 Designated Hitter” against the Red Sox in the enemy territory. In the 5th at-bat in the 9th inning, which was greeted with no hits in 4 at-bats, he shot a reversal of Kishikaisei No. 12 2 run. The team won 6-5 and stopped the losing streak at 4. “I lost yesterday and the day before yesterday. The way I lost wasn’t that good. But I think it’s powerful to win a match like this. I’ll do my best to get on the wave from here. “I was convinced.

9th inning, 2nd base, chasing 1 point. From the guardian deity Burns to the right wing pole, he skipped the first shot in two games. Season 12 home runs are major top ties alongside Braves Acuña Jr., Mariners Haniger and Yankees Judges. The ball hit speed was 97 miles, the flight distance was 372 feet, and the angle was 36 degrees.

This season’s first 3rd starting lineup. The first two deaths against Eovaldi were Nigoro, the second two deaths were one, and the second base was struck out. In the 5th inning, 1 death was a grounder’s misstep and he was on base. After two deaths, Walsh doubled to the left to aim for survival, but he was touched out on home base. In the 7th inning, 2 deaths were beaten to the right. Arched at the very end.

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On the same card on the 15th (16th) the day before, he hit the left wing line for the first time, but he was caught between the first and second bases and died on the base. It was 4 at bats, 1 hit and 3 strikeouts. Before the game, he played 36 games this season with a batting average of .264, 11 home runs, 27 RBIs, and 6 stolen bases. In addition, coach Joe Maddon revealed that Otani’s next pitching will be against Indians, the home base on the 19th (20th Japan time).

[Video]Shohei Ohtani hits the right wing pole!Reversal of rebirth 2 runs

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