Shohei Ohtani starts in “No. 2 DH”, expects No. 38 for the first time in 6 games and top RBI | Full-Count

The home run battle is a three-point lead by King alone, and 82 RBIs are three points behind the top.

■ Rangers-Angels (4th Japan time, Arlington)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani will start as “No. 2 Designated Hitter” in the match against the Rangers in the enemy territory on the 3rd (Japan time 4th, game start 9:05). It will be noticed whether the 38th home run will pop out for the first time in 6 games.

In the same battle on the 2nd (3rd) of the previous day, there were no hits in 4 at bats. It ended in two consecutive games without hits. So far, he has hit 37 home runs, the most in both leagues. It is three points behind the league’s second-placed Blue Jays Guerrero Jr. 82 RBIs this season. Guerrero Jr., who has 85 RBIs in the league top, is tied for second place in the league, three points behind.

In addition, 22-year-old Jo Adell outfielder will start for the first time this season with “6th right wing”. He has played 73 games in 3A this season with a batting average of .289, 23 home runs and 69 RBIs. He was promoted to major on the 2nd (3rd).

The Rangers are started by Jordan Lyles, the right arm. He pitched 21 games this season, with 5 wins and 7 losses and an ERA of 5.04. This season, Otani played on April 26, walked, doubled on the right wing line, and struck out.

1 (2) Fletcher
2 (finger) Shohei Otani
3 (left) Upton
4 (Capture) Stussy
5 (1) Gosselin
6 (right) Adele
7 (Yu) Iglesias
8 (Middle) Marsh
9 (3) Mayfield
Pitcher Suarez

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