Shohei Ohtani’s 4.3 billion yen contract is “even more attractive in the trade market” The “meaning” of avoiding arbitration shown by a US reporter | Full Account

MLB official reporter “$30 million not outrageous for Ohtani’s talent”

The Angels announced on the 1st (2nd Japan time) that they agreed to a one-year contract with pitcher Shohei Ohtani for $30 million per year. He avoided the annual salary arbitration to which he was entitled, and will play next season with the highest contract ever as a player who avoided arbitration and signed a one-year contract. American experts and reporters responded to the big news one after the other. Some say avoiding arbitration should make the company even more attractive in the trade market.

Jim Bowden, former GM of the Reds and Nationals and a contributor to The Athletic, a US sports website, said, “It doesn’t make sense for Shohei because the salary arbitration team is his only one. He might consider seriously signing a $30-$50 million Contract based on his dual feats, but locking in his salary early could help trade value. I do,” he tweeted.

MLB official Mark Feinsand said, “Does Ohtani’s salary in 2023 increase his chances of being traded?” Hard to imagine. On the other hand, $30 million a year for a talent like Ohtani is not unusual. He’s definitely going to do that. will be an interesting short season,” he tweeted.

Joel Sherman of the US media “New York Post” also said, “This deal eliminates the madness that could have occurred in this player’s annual salary arbitration hearing, which should make Ohtani even more attractive in the trade market.” Muttered.

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