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Cai Weixin Correspondent / Taipei Report

▲ Shohei Otani achieved excellent results in the competition. (Photo/Data Room)

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Recently, the cheerleaders led by Lin Xiang went to the Taiwan American Super League Day for a pre-game performance. They also took a photo with the two-knife star Shohei Otani as they wished. A female sports reporter surnamed Zhang went from tvbs also Problem, it was reported that he was blocked by the Angels. TVBS also responded to this.

▲ “Dodgers Corner – Dodgers Corner” fans broke the news that a reporter surnamed Zhang from the TV station was blocked by the Angels team. (Photo/Data Room)

TVBS also issued a 152-character response: “TVBS sent personnel to report on Lotte Girls going to the major leagues to participate in the Taiwan Day event. Because the reporter interviewed the major leagues for the first time, and not who understood the relevant regulations, they broke the major league reporting norms. After the incident, the reporter and TVBS have communicated with the Angels team through long-term interviews with major league commissioners in the United States to apologize, and remove the video as necessary. Faced with this mistake, the reporter has learned a lesson. TVBS also has shortcomings in training and processing procedures. TVBS is willing to humbly accept and review and improve. “

The cause of the whole incident was that the sports fan page “Dodgers Corner – Dodgers Corner” broke the news yesterday (1st) that a reporter named Zhang from the TV station was blocked by the Angels When Otani was about to sneaked into the lounge, and the team personnel were ready to cover him, the people of the TV station pressed space, stopped Otani Shohei and asked in English, “What do you want to say to the Taiwanese fans.” The woman The reporter was also humiliated and sent abroad because of this, which caused controversy.


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