Shohei Otani made an unexpected joke When SAMURAI JAPAN ended, he said, “I have nothing but thanks.” Net laugh about the WBC coach’s mysterious story: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

Kazuyuki Shirai, head coach of WBC Samurai Japan, who appeared on the information program “Mr. Sunday” (Fuji TV) broadcast on March 26, 2023, revealed a conversation with Shohei Otani after the tournament.

On SNS, a series of voices said they were laughing at the interaction between the two, which could give a glimpse of their closeness.

  • Shohei Otani played in the WBC final against the United States (Photo: AP / Aflo)

    Shohei Otani played in the WBC final against the United States (Photo: AP / Aflo)

  • Head coach Kazuyuki Shirai (center), Yuji Tanaka (left) and Hikaru Ota of “Bakusho Problem”. From TBS “Sunday Japon” Twitter (@sunjapo_tbs)

  • Shohei Otani played in the WBC final against the United States (Photo: AP / Aflo)

“I don’t think we’ll ever meet again.”

Chief Shirai revealed on the program that when the tournament ended and Samurai Japan disbanded, he expressed his deep gratitude to Ohtani, saying, “Thank you already. I can only thank you.”

However, Mr. Ohtani, “Yes, thank you Mr. Shirai. I don’t think we will meet again.” Principal Shirai said with a laugh, “That’s one of his top-notch jokes too.”

“I said, ‘I’m lonely,'” to Otani, but he smiles, saying, “I think he’s waiting for me to make a lonely expression.”

On SNS, many voices said they couldn’t help but laugh at the interaction between Chief Shirai and Otani. Many people say they can tell jokes because they trust them a lot.

“Since we will never see each other again, it’s because we built a relationship that I can say~~ Coach Shirai and Otani Kunbi” I was told there is no such thing as coach Shirai laughing at ihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

“The moment you came in front of me, ‘Who was it?'”

Shirai Head also made a live appearance on “Sunday Japon” (TBS series) which aired on the same day, revealing an episode where she was teased by Otani.

In response to Hideki Kuriyama, the Japanese Samurai manager, who said Ohtani had “something out of the ordinary,” he said, “It’s a little surprising, but he really has that side. Once you come to know him, he will show you that side.” a

“For example, when he joined Samurai Japan, he greeted all the players and coaches, saying, ‘I’m Otani. Nice to meet you.’ ?”

When the studio roared, “It’s amazing,” and “It’s interesting,” said Mr. Yuji Tanaka, who burst out laughing, “Mr.


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