Shohei Otani, the difference from last season in the MVP battle The judge is an opponent of a different dimension to Guerrero Jr. |

Otani’s WAR is 9.0 last season and 8.9 this season, showing the same value

The 2022 American League MVP competition is fierce. Angels pitcher Shohei Otani, who is approaching the first regular season double and double as a dual wielder, and the American League record 61 home runs held by Roger Maris, are within reach of winning the triple crown for the first time. in 10 years, Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge. Opinions are divided among the US media as to which team is best suited for the crown, and predictions are reported daily. (Results from the 22nd Japan time)

Will Ohtani be able to win the MVP for the second year in a row? Last season, Otani won the MVP award by unanimous vote after defeating Blue Jays home run king infielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr. When looking at the results and indicators of competitors, the situation becomes clear.

This season, he has continued to play an active role in both throwing and hitting, and has already reached regular at bats as a batter. He has hit 34 home runs so far and his batting average is .270, which is higher than last season. As a pitcher, he has pitched 148 innings so far and is close to reaching the required number of pitches. Notched 13 wins, first double-digit wins, and double-digit wins and double-digit home runs for the first time in 104 years.

Compared to last season, Ohtani’s batting record has dipped slightly, but his pitching record has improved. The “WAR” index that shows a player’s value was “4.9” for batters and “4.1” for pitchers last season, for a total of “9.0”. 8.9″. Ohtani’s value as a player is at a very high level, just like last year.

Judge’s WAR is 9.9 this season, surpassing Otani

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