Shoji Toyama Notice of Loan Transfer to Mito HollyHock | Gamba Osaka Official Site

We are pleased to inform you that Shoji Toyama, who had been transferred to Ehime FC for the 2021 season, has decided to transfer to Mito HollyHock for a limited time in the 2022 season. The loan transfer period is until 2023/1/31. In addition, Karayama will not be able to participate in all official matches against Gamba Osaka in the 2022 season due to the contract.

■ Date of birth: September 21, 2002 (19 years old)
■ Birthplace: Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
■ Position: FW
■Height/weight: 178cm/65kg
■ Team Career: Gamba Osaka Junior-Gamba Osaka Junior Youth-Gamba Osaka Youth-Gamba Osaka-Ehime FC (Transfer with a training period)
■ Comments from the person
“I will play at Mito HollyHock next season. I will do my best to grow and produce results.”



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