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Shoot each other 9 tablets! Bernard Hero – Everton Overtime Bie Spurs Access to 8 FA Cup teams

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Bernard played the role of the hero after coming down as a backup and hit the goal clear, extra time for Everton to slash Spurs to a fun 5-4 (always in 4-4 time), resulting in “Toffee” Passed into play in the last 8 teams successfully There will be a matchup on Thursday in the English FA Cup 5th round on Wednesday night.

Stadium: Goodison Park

Football FA Cup round 5 on Wednesday night, February 10 the past. It is a meeting between Everton and Spurs, with the results of the last round that “Toffee” welcomed Sheffield Wed 3-0, “Golden Spikes Chicken” invaded the Wycombe 4-1.

Big boss Carlo Ancelotti puts a big outfit in front of the target, Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Mesh with Richard Cliff Saunders and Gil Murphy’s girl Lourdes was the side Mourinho’s Spurs Harry Caine, a backup offensive line really is naughty Heung – Min, Eric. Klamela and Lucas Moura

Less than a minute started the game, Spurs almost came up to lead the home quickly after Lucas Moura dribbled in before the sign left Stephen Bergwijn to drop the ball in front of Eric’s goal. Lamela struck the first pillar, but had not yet passed Robin Olsen, brushing him into the way of Moura that followed, repeatedly flying the beam.

Yet, in the third minute, Mourinho’s team came up 1-0 in the lead, with a corner kick on the left. Flick the ball into the far pole

13 minutes, Lucas Moura takes the ball up front and pays a short amount to Son Heung-Min to compose the ball and hit it with full force, but the ball still goes straight to Robin Olsen.

In 19 minutes, Taffy scored a goal behind Dominic Calvert-Luverne. Slashed a narrow corner to stick to Yoris’s hand, hitting the post before being intercepted by Ben Davis.

Spurs almost got a second seed, a 27-minute lead from the moment Matt Doherty slipped in the middle of the goal for Son Hung-Min to hit the ball without a full foot hold. Must be rounded off after

Golden Spikes Chicken went ahead again, 31 minutes, Son Hung-Min pressed with the right to save Mr. Dan Toffee. Before the ball went in to Stephen Berg’s way, Weijn ran and pressed to Robin Olsen.

Yet, in the 36th minute, Everton came to pursue a 1-1 success with Giffy Sigurdsson’s fast-paced rhythm, even after Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Running to volley, full force, the first post, the ball goes straight to Hugo Yoris, but not in the door.

Then 3 minutes later, “Toffee” overtook the lead 2-1, this time Calvert-Lewin. Crossed over, for Richard Lison to pull a stroke before slashing outside the box with the right, the ball flies away, Yoris’s hand cradles the net.

The visiting team’s situation worsened further. After losing a penalty in the 43rd minute after Pierre-Emil Hoybierk went to Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Lam into the penalty area. The referee pointed to a penalty immediately before Gelfi Sigurdsson Will take on the task of killing, not making mistakes, the kind that Hugo Yoris sent in the wrong way for Everton to lead 3-1 away

45 + 3 minutes of injury to the golden spikes to break the door, chasing after 2-3, Son Hung-Min played a quick bounce to the Taffy line before reaching Eric Lamela, hitting with the left through Robin O Lsen into

Ending the first half, Everton led Spurs 3-2.

53 minutes after Tottenham forward Harry Kane to play the Stephen Burke County sensitivity and two minutes later, remove toffee Dominic Calvert – Lou Vincent. With a sore out and then sent Seamus Coleman to play instead

In 57 minutes, Jose Mourinho’s team came to keep the 3-3 draw until a corner kick, Son Hung-Min opened the first post for Toby Aldervereld. Wiped away to go to Robin Olsen, but did not pass through Davincon Sanchez again and was the second goal of the Colombian defense in this game

Ball exchange is very fun. Before the seventh seed on the pitch and host Everton overtook a 4-3 lead in 69 minutes, Gelfi Sigurdsson. Paid through the channel for Richard Lison to slip into the lapping with the left corner, passing the ball through Yoris’s hand.

83 min Spurs rival 4-4 to successfully resolve not to cross the naughty corner Heung – Min cross into another long ball to the far post to Harry Kane strike hit the ball caught the net.

The game ends in a draw at 4-4 time, having to extend extra time for another 30 minutes.

97th minute Everton overtook a 5-4 lead again from a moment when Bernard fling with Gilfi Sigurdsson. Before the Icelandic engine room raised the ball to the insertion of Bernard before hitting the first post through Hugo Lloris’s hand.

108 minutes, the host almost got the sixth seed. After the ball from the free kick of Sigurdsson opened for Michael Keantek to hit him alone but the ball fell off the post.

The end of the game, Everton squeezed out to defeat Spurs in extra time 5-4 through to play in the quarter-finals. There will be a draw for the match tomorrow.

List of players of both teams

Everton (4-2-3-1): Robin Olsen – Ben Godfrey, Michael Keane, Yerry Mina, Lukas Digne (Mason Holgate 107) – Tom Davis, Abdoulaidougou Re – Alex Iwobi (Bernard n.70), Gilfie Sigurdsson, Richard Lison-Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Seamus Cole Man, n. 55).

Manager: Carlo Ancelotti

Spurs (4-2-3-1): Hugo Yoris-Matt Doherty (Mussa Sissoko N.99), Davin Son Sanchez, Toby Aldervereld, Ben Davis-Pierre – Emil Hoey Beer Group, shares the Guy N. Freedom Belem (Harry Owings hrs. 91) – Stephen Burke Wireless Facilities (Harry Ken. 53), Eric Lame. Hunt (Carlos Vinizuus n.98), Lucas Moura (Dele Allee, n.77) – Son Hung-Min.

Manager: Jose Mourinho

Referee: David Koot

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